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12 Best Nude Color Lipsticks Available Online


One of the most popular and versatile types of lipstick is nude lipstick. The original nude colors generally range from light beige to brown but the colors differ based on the undertones.

Nude color lipsticks are used to appear more professional and to create a classier look. There are many nude lipsticks available in the market today and choosing the best one can be difficult. But we can help you navigate through the various shades, finishes, undertones, etc. so that you can choose the perfect nude lipstick depending on your requirements.

1.  Faces Canada Comfy Matte in Just so you know-

The Just so you know shade by Faces Canada is a soft pinkish-beige shade with a matte finish. Unlike most matte lipsticks, this liquid lipstick has an extremely hydrating formula since it contains vitamin E and almond oil. This pinkish beige tone would be a perfect nude color lipstick for people who have a light skin tone with warm undertones. If you have cooler undertones and light skin, the shade will appear as a rosy nude to add more depth to your lips and brighten up the face.

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2.  MAC Satin Lipstick in Cherish-

Finding a perfect nude for those with pale skin can often be quite difficult. The Cherish shade by the MAC’s Satin range is the holy grail for everyone who finds nudes that are always too dark or warm. This shade is a cool-toned beige with a soft pinkish hue that will resemble the colors of your lips almost exactly. The formula is quite hydrating and long-lasting, perfect as an everyday work lipstick that should stay in your bag.

3.  Huda Beauty Matte Lipstick in Girls Trip-

A pinkish nude, the Girls Trip shade by Huda Beauty is a warmer nude color lipstick that will help those who are trying to avoid colors that might wash them out. This matte lipstick is great for fairer skin tones who like warmer nudes that add a pop of color to their makeup while also maintaining neutrality. It is a long-lasting and creamy formula with the perfect color payoff, becoming opaque with one or two coats.

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4.  Maybelline SuperStay Matte in Loyalist-

This is a liquid lipstick by Maybelline which is extremely popular and for good reason. This shade is a cooler yet darker nude lipstick that is perfect for pale skin tones that want dark lipsticks but not bright ones. This shade blends with a clean makeup look and is extremely long-lasting.

5.  Dior Rouge in Promenade-

The Promenade shade of the Rouge Dior collection by Dior is a warm nude color lipstick with peach tones that are perfect for people with medium skin tone and warm undertones. It is an extremely comfortable and creamy shade that lasts for nearly 16 hours. This lipstick is available on the Dior website as well as on any online retail site.

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6.  Sephora Collection Matte Lipstick in Sienna-

The Sienna shade by Sephora is a neutral tan shade that is the perfect nude for people with medium skin tone with cool undertones. The light brown shade with a warm hue is perfect for a clean and neutral makeup look. If you want to look effortless and minimalistic, yet put together, this is the shade for you.

7.  L’Oreal Paris Color Riche Lipstick in Maple Mocha-

This nude shade by L’Oreal Paris is a brown shade with red undertones. This shade is a bright nude for medium, warm skin tone that stands out and creates depth to the makeup look. This bullet lipstick is extremely hydrating since it contains jojoba oil and a beautiful color payoff. It has a smooth and creamy texture, making it comfortable to wear for a whole day. This nude color lipstick becomes a darker brown on lighter skin tones which is great with darker smoky looks.

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8.  Makeup by Mario in Kate-

This soft nude color by Makeup by Mario is a pinkish brown color, which is a great color for medium skin. This nude gives a warm pinkish hue which adds color to neutral makeup. It is a soft and creamy lipstick that is extremely long-lasting. Makeup by Mario has an exclusive website where all his products, including this lipstick is sold.

9.  Fenty Beauty Lip Paint in Unveil-

The Unveil shade by Rihanna’s beauty line is the best nude color for people with dark skin. It is a seamless nude with neutral, dark brown tones that gives an effortless and put-together look to a neutral makeup look. This liquid lipstick is extremely pigmented and one of the most long-lasting lipsticks on the market right now.

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10.               Mented Semi-Matte Lipstick in Peach Please-

Finding a pinkish color suitable for dark skin is extremely difficult but the Peach Please shade by Mented is the solution. It is a brown lipstick with pinkish undertones that don’t wash out the dark skin tone. Simultaneously, it also provides a glowy and rosy yet minimalistic tone to the lips that are sophisticated and suitable for both the workplace and outings.

11.               NYX Butter gloss in Cinnamon Roll-

If you are bored of the same old dark brown nudes and want to play with more unique tones, Cinnamon roll is a great nude shade for darker skin tones. It is an extremely cool brown that has all the advantages of nude lipstick but it also provides a mauvish tone to the lips that give an extremely beautiful and glowy look to the lips.  This lipstick is shiny and absorbs into the skin to give a natural, no makeup look.

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12.               Maybelline Color Sensation Slip Lipstick in More Coffee-

This nude color lipstick is an extremely dark brown lipstick by Maybelline with a beautiful maroonish hue to it. The warm undertone with the dark color makes it a great nude for people with dark and warm skin. The reddish hue makes it distinct from the plain neutral browns while also keeping it natural. It is also a beautiful loud lipstick for people with medium skin tone which can be used at parties. Maybelline is an extremely common brand, available on all online shopping sites across the internet.


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