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A guide to camping with CPAP


If you struggle with a sleep disorder that affects your breathing at night, you know how serious it is. When you stop repeatedly breathing once you go to bed, your body will be deprived of oxygen. It could put a burden on your organs and your thinking process.

A dentist or doctor can help you get the proper treatment with a special device called a CPAP. You’ll need to take it everywhere you go, including camping. Take some helpful tips to ensure you breathe easy while enjoying the great outdoors.

Why Use a CPAP?

A CPAP is a device that delivers continuous positive airway pressure and is used at night while you are sleeping. You wear a mask attached to a hose that continuously delivers air to your body, ensuring your airways remain open.

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If you have an obstructive sleep disorder, your throat muscles relax to the point your airway closes. If you have a central sleep disorder, your lung muscles are not getting the message from your brain to work properly while sleeping, which is when CPAP will take over for you.

Your dentist or doctor will prescribe a CPAP to ensure your body is no longer deprived of essential oxygen. You should use it every night. Failing to use your CPAP can increase your risk of diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke, and heart attack. It can affect your ability to stay alert, think clearly, and have a good memory. You owe it to yourself to be proactive.

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How Can You Use a CPAP When You are Camping?

Camping can pose a problem for anyone who needs sleep apnea treatment every night. You may not have access to electricity, especially if you are roughing it out in a tent. While RV camping usually has an electrical hookup, it may not always be an option.

You’ll need to think outside the box to ensure you can use your CPAP. If electricity is unavailable, you can purchase a portable generator to power up your device each night. Another option is a battery power bank specifically designed for a CPAP device.

This pack will typically only provide you with enough power for two days. If your trip is longer than two days, you will need to plan for recharging your pack, or you’ll need to bring a spare. If electricity is available, you can get power for your CPAP device through your camper’s direct current or an electrical pedestal.

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Make Sure You Have a Stable Placement for Your Device

You need to ensure your CPAP will work properly during your camping trip. If you are in a tent, bring a small table or stool that will be the right height for your device. If you are camping in your camper, you can create your own shelf that can fold down when not in use. If you can’t build or mount it on your own, a carpenter should be able to assist you. Otherwise, you may be able to adapt shelving already in place in your camper to position your CPAP each night.

Don’t Forget to Factor in the Effects of Humidification

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Your CPAP device will require more power because of the built-in humidification process. While it is not an issue when plugging in your device at home, it needs to be considered while camping.

Your CPAP device will put more of a drain on your power supply when you are on your outdoor adventure. If you do not have an electrical hookup, plan accordingly when you are outdoors. You’ll need extra fuel for your generator or additional CPAP power packs.

Having a sleep disorder doesn’t mean you have to give up the things you love. Preparation and planning will ensure you’re ready for anything, including camping. As you go through your checklist for your trip, make your CPAP a priority.

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