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App Wrapping: What is it and Should You Use It?


Everything is digital in the present time. Since that is the case, you cannot take a chance with the security of your platforms. Of course, being a business, if you are using an application, you need to be sure that it is secure and absolutely protected against any threats. Once you take the right measures, you can be confident that your application is safe and so is the data on the app.

There are different tools, technologies and practices that might be used to enhance security on mobile devices. One of the more type of well-known of these technologies is known as app Wrapping. The aim of this wrapping is to put a layer between the application and the operating system to make sure that the application abides by a set of policies that is acceptable. You might also envision this as placing a sort of sand box or that of container around a mobile application.

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Most of the professionals are making the use of it to ensure that their app is safe. Actually, it is not something new and  because for so many years, application wrapping has been used for implementing different enterprise policy on apps. It is done as the part of Mobile Application Management (MAM) solution. In order to guard , manage and deploy their apps via an EMM solution, developers have made use of branded skis or application wrapping tools.

App type of wrapping acts with a current binary that gets used to govern different features of an application. The use case it has can include updating an app to request an authentication passkey, interrupting a message and forcing it to make use of the company’s virtual private network (VPN) or averting the communication against accessing any specific app that might hold sensitive data.

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In simplest words, in the realm of enterprise, app wrapping permits an administrator to simply take an application, associate additional level of security and management features with it and simply re-deploy it as a single type of containerized program in the app store of an enterprise.

Wrapping in simplest words

Wrapping is the task of taking a current app and physically modifying the overall binaries of the application to put a wrapper around it such that the wrapper rests between the core code  of the app and the operating system. The wrapper may then interrupt the actions  of the app and allow or disallow functionality and that of add more security as may be required or need be. In essence, wrapping takes an app feasible file and simply puts it through another piece of software that is going to wrap it and spit out that of the wrapped application at the other end in simply no time at all. Similarly, you should know that the wrapping process characteristically also inoculates libraries envisioned to offer additional functionality or that of security into the wrapped app.

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Trust the right people for wrapping

Theoretically there is nothing really wrong type of thing with wrapping from a completely software engineering point of view. But just like all sort of robust things such a technique can and even has been misused over the years.

Yes, this is a concept that has been extensively used by hackers for long years to adapt and modify executables on a computer and simply inoculate viruses or that of malware into what might appear to be a reliable program. So not exactly the problem but a concern with wrapping is that you must need to trust the professional programmers who you choose for developing the wrapping technology.  Actually, you know in many of the cases or instances, companies’ license or that of even white label wrapping technology from other companies, who could in turn leverage libraries formed up by others. So, if you want to trust wrapping technology then you must first understand who really all were engaged in creating all parts of the wrapping technology as well as deciding in case you actually trust them.

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Why should You Use Application Wrapping?

Since you are a business, no matter in which industry you are in, if your platform or app is not safe; it could be harmful for you. Indeed, if you are using an application, your business data would be therein on the app. Also, there would be the data of your consumers and customers and users. Indeed, what if any of the data gets stolen or leaked? Such a thing would put your business in trouble. Of course, when your business data leaks in any way, you not just put yourself at risk but also your consumers. So, be confident that you use the perfect ways to ensure that your platform is secure.

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Now, another downside of not paying much attention to your app security or platform security is that you may lose your reputation in no time. No matter how reputed your business is or how amazingly people talk about you; one leakage or attack on your data and everything will be gone. People, even your loyal consumers, would lose their trust in you. They would not want to buy your products or use your services any more. Such a thing would damage your name and brand hard.

Hence, it is important that you work on your application security and ensure that everything is safe. You cannot afford to put your platform in danger. Since you have advanced tools and concepts like application wrapping, you should use and implement them in your working. In this way, you can be sure that you have a secure app for your business. Moreover, the peace of mind you get through application wrapping, once done professionally and by the reliable experts is really commendable. You can be definite that you have peace of mind that nobody is attacking your app or nothing is going to be leaked.

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To sum up, go ahead and talk to professionals like Appsealing and find out how they can help you with application sealing. After all, the right and experienced professionals can guide you properly and ensure you make the most of these tools and things.


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