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Are Sports Bets Legal? Features Of The Legislation In Norway


If you read the currently in effect laws, things look bleak for Norwegian gamblers. However, Norwegian law makes no distinction between online gambling and land-based gambling. Within Norway, gambling is governed by three acts prohibiting licensing requirements for gambling offerings.

Sports Betting In Norway

The gambling industry and sports analysis platforms are both focused on improving the user experience, and they will capitalize on any breakthrough that will assist them in accomplishing this goal. Kristoffer Haagensen, author and expert in the sports community, would agree that the  Betting sider Norge has changed dramatically in recent years, owing primarily to technological advancements, which have resulted in the emergence of a wide range of interactive bookies targeting Norwegian punters.

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In Norway, the term “consideration” is interpreted boldly. The provision of private emails or the use of a telephone for a fee above the standard rate is considered a consideration. According to the Totalisator Act, the Gaming Scheme Act, and the Lottery Act, betting sites state that wagering over the internet is not illegal as long as it is done from a foreign country.

No license has ever been granted to open a land-based casino in Norway. However, it is illegal for Norwegian banks to transfer funds directly to casinos or betting companies, which is why this is always done through third-party banking methods.

Unlicensed foreign betting enterprises and their Norwegian affiliates are now subject to stricter regulations due to a new gambling Law passed by Norway’s Ministry of Culture. Other operators are not permitted to provide, market, or distribute betting unless licensed by the Gaming Authority. As it turns out, this is an opportunity that gamblers from all over the world are interested in, and Norwegian sports bettors are no exception. In essence, many Norwegians are addicted to sports betting, with an increasing number of bettors turning to interactive bookmakers.

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Norsk Rikstoto and Norsk Tipping

Surprisingly, Norway is one of the countries with some of the strictest gambling legislation globally. Although online gambling is not illegal, such ventures may prove difficult because the only businesses licensed to provide such services to punters are Norsk Rikstoto and Norsk Tipping.

Only two businesses, Norsk Tipping and Norsk Rikstoto can provide gambling services to Norwegian people. Lotteries, sports betting, Keno, and other games are available through Norsk Tipping.

Norsk Tipping was granted monopolistic control of Norway’s lottery, sports betting, and other games under the 1992 Gaming Act. Norwegian lawmakers later gave Norsk Tipping the green light to host online poker for Norwegians. All of this history has led to Norway’s current predicament. You can play poker and sports betting at Norsk Tipping or pari-mutuel wagering at Norsk Riskoto if you wish to stay completely legal. This concludes the discussion. It is illegal to play elsewhere.

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Still, bettors need not be discouraged just yet, since several loopholes in the country’s legislation allow them to access several reputable and trustworthy interactive sportsbooks headquartered overseas. Interestingly, although Norway is one of the countries with a strict stance on gambling, the country’s gambling rate is increasing.


Gambling has always been a complex subject for Norwegians. Norway’s political leaders recognize the need for updated gambling legislation. However, their primary focus is on preventing gambling addiction. In June 2010, the Norwegian government passed legislation requiring all Norwegian banks to deny customers credit and debit cards at land-based and online casinos worldwide.

Norwegian citizens must also declare tax winnings earned in another country. Gambling is, for the most part, illegal in Norway. The current gambling laws in Norway do not address the legality of online gambling. Except for games provided by Norsk Tipping, all other forms of online gambling are illegal, and the government is working to prevent foreign companies from operating in Norway.

READ MORE:  Are Sports Bets Legal? Features Of The Legislation In Norway

Norway has attempted to deal with online gambling concerns in other ways over the last twenty-five years. The Payment Act of 2010, for example, prohibited banks from processing online gambling transactions. Norwegians are also free to use online gambling sites run by companies in other countries.

No law prohibits residents from gambling at out-of-state online casino betting sites. As a result, many Norwegians make use of this option. Foreign operators account for more than half of all online gambling revenue in Norway. The priority of Norway’s online gambling legislation is to establish a regulatory framework that will incorporate previous laws to form a unified regulatory system. The 2021 version of Norway’s gambling legislation does not change much in terms of online gambling. Online gambling will be permitted, but only through government-run websites. Lottery games, sports betting, and Keno will be available on Norway’s state-monopoly sites. There will be no casino games such as poker or slot machines. The new online gambling laws in Norway will not significantly impact players.

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There may be gamblers unaware of or do not understand Norway’s current gambling laws and regulations. However, most players are already aware that they connect to sites in other countries. They will continue to use them regardless.


In addition to reading this piece and learning some skills, putting it all into practice would have been a significant next step.


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