November 28

Are you exercising correctly?


To obtain desirable results from
exercise, it is indispensable that your body should be in correct position
while working out. If not, the workout may give results, or may cause harm.

Reasons for exercising correctly

  • Correct workout helps burn fat better
  • It avoids injury
  • It de-stresses
  • It makes you feel rejuvenated after
    the workout

It does not matter what type of exercise you do, whether low-intensity or high-intensity, aerobic or non-aerobic, or yoga asanas and breathing exercises, you need to do them correctly. If possible, do your workout in front of a full-length mirror to check yourselves how you are doing.

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tips to exercise correctly

  • Look straight at eye level to avoid
    neck injury and drooping of shoulders.
  • Keep your facial muscles relaxed.
  • Straighten up your spine
  • Continue to breathe normally while
    doing strength training. Many people hold their breath or take shallow breaths.
  • Keep your abdomen tight to provide
    support to lower back. Whenever you sit or stand or walk, maintain an erect
    posture – suck up your abdomen and let your spine be naturally aligned. This
    tightens your ab muscles. Never slouch.
  • Don’t sit in between workouts. You can
    rest by standing. This keeps your heart rate up. If you have the stamina, move
    from one workout to another directly. The best way to know whether your workout
    intensity is suitable to your body is that you must be able to talk while
    exercising, but not sing. If you are unable to talk, you are workout too hard. If
    you are talking too much, you aren’t working too hard.
  • Gradually, you must increase the
    length of cardio exercises, not intensity. Similarly, increase repetitions in
    weight training.
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Always…always…hold the
correct posture while exercising. If you are not sure how to perform a
particular workout, please consult a fitness trainer.


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