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Can Angelfish And Bettas Live Together?


If you are looking for a new pet to keep in your home, then you might be considering getting an Angelfish or a Betta. While both of these fish species can be great pets, it is essential to know that they cannot live together. It is not recommended to house them in the same tank because Bettas need more room than Angelfish do, and they will fight if placed together. But it’s not always easy to answer because there are many factors involved. In this post, I will go over some of the most important considerations for determining whether or not your fish can live together.

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How To Make Your Tank A Home For Both Fish


The first thing you will want to do is get your tank set up. While betta fish for sale need a bigger space than Angelfish, they both prefer water that has been heated and filtered. Along with this, it’s important to add in some natural elements like rocks or vegetation for them to hide behind when needed. This gives the fish somewhere comfortable to retreat if they feel overstressed by each other.

It’s also important to note that Bettas eat live foods, which means they need a way to hunt their dinner.

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On the other hand, Angelfish prefers dead food, and it is easy for them to open up in the water and let out any excess air bubbles when eating. This can cause problems because Bettas can easily be harmed by this type of feeding behavior from your Angelfish.


If you want both fish species to thrive together in one tank, then these are some things you will need:


  1. A filter system
  2. Live plants such as java moss or anacharis
  3. Heated water with no chemicals (Bettas don’t like pH levels below seven)
  4. At least two gallons per Betta with five gallons per Angelfish
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How To Tell If They Are Getting Along?


You will want to be sure that your fish are getting along before you add them both into the same tank. If there is a problem with one of the species, you will know which pet has been causing it and can address any concerns right away. It’s easy for this type of information to get confusing because every fish is different in its behavior, but here are some signs that they should not share a space together:


  1. Bettas try to attack other fish or even become cannibalistic
  2. Angelfish flairs at Betta fins when passing by
  3. One or more Bettas have reddened scales from stress over time
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The good news about these two fish species is that they can live together if you set your tank up properly and know their behaviors. However, if you are unsure about yours, it’s best to separate them right away until you figure out which type of environment each needs for the best living conditions.



Angelfish and bettas can live together because they are both omnivores. The two fish may fight, but it is unlikely that one will kill the other. Bettas need a tank with at least 10 gallons of water, while angelfish should have 30 or more gallons of water to swim around in their territory without bumping into each other too often.

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Both species like warm tanks between 75-80 degrees Fahrenheit, so make sure your temperatures match theirs before adding either type of fish. You might want to use a filter for both types since they enjoy having clean water to swim in. These tips should help you decide whether an angelfish and betta would be compatible living partners for your aquarium experience.



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