March 7

Combating the Nursing Home Abuse Epidemic


Care for the elderly is a massive industry in the United States. As people get older, they become more reliant on others to thrive. This often means needing access to more healthcare services. Across the country, including in the city of Chicago, elderly individuals are looking for places to live and have their healthcare needs met.


This population is particularly vulnerable to certain risk factors, one of which is mistreatment from other people. The sad reality is that nursing home abuse is a big problem. The victims affected by these incidents are often traumatized, both physically and emotionally, by their experiences. The very people that should be looking out for them and providing care are often responsible for this mistreatment.

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Finding ways to reduce the number of nursing home abuse incidents is crucial for the future of elder care in Chicago and the rest of the country. If you or a loved one are at a stage of life where long-term care is needed, here are a few ways to help mitigate the chances of nursing home abuse.


Hold People Responsible if it Happens

Although the goal is to eradicate these behaviors completely, there will always be accidents that can happen or shady individuals that slip through the cracks. One way to address these situations is to hold the at-fault party accountable for their actions. Whether it is the facility as a whole, an individual caregiver, or a fellow resident, nursing home abuse can come from multiple sources. When an incident occurs and you or your loved one become injured as a result, you can file a personal injury claim with the help of a Chicago nursing home abuse lawyer. A legal professional can help in several ways.

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Assess Damages

Damages that result from nursing home abuse could include medical expenses, emotional suffering, and in the worst cases, funeral costs. A lawyer can help you compile all the damages that resulted from the incident to calculate a fair settlement amount.


Negotiate Compensation

Injured victims have the right to pursue compensation to cover damages when a personal injury claim is filed. Often, this process includes negotiating with an insurance company to settle on the right number. Lawyers have the negotiating power and the expertise to advocate on behalf of you or your loved one to obtain maximum compensation.


Build a Case

To win a nursing home abuse injury claim in Chicago, you or your loved one will need to provide evidence of the incident and prove that negligence caused the injury and subsequent damages. The collection of evidence is a key step in this process, as it will determine whether or not your claim is successful. The lawyer will know what empirical data can affect the outcome of the case and how to build a strong profile of evidence.

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Be Vigilant For Your Loved One

The reason that elderly individuals are particularly vulnerable to elder abuse is because they have a harder time advocating for themselves. For this reason, you may need to be extra vigilant for them when choosing a nursing home and during visits. There are several signs of nursing home abuse to watch out for, such as unexplained bruises or physical injuries, failure to take medications properly, or a caregiver refusing to let you be alone with your loved one. If any of these circumstances occur, it may be an indicator that abuse or neglect is happening. Be watchful during your visits and research facilities well before your loved one moves in.

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Consider Alternatives to Nursing Homes

Another way to combat the nursing home abuse epidemic is to seek alternatives for elder care. Aging in place is a growing trend where individuals have their homes set up to provide a safer environment as they age, giving them access to medical devices and nearby professional care while in the comfort of their home. If you have the time and resources necessary, you could start your own elderly care business as well. While most seniors have positive experiences in long-term care facilities, these alternatives can eliminate the possibility of abuse entirely.


The Problem Won’t Be Solved Overnight

While we all wish for elder care to be high quality and 100% safe in Chicago, you cannot control the actions of others. Curbing the nursing home abuse epidemic will take time and a lot of changes to the industry. Holding facilities and employees accountable for their actions with personal injury claims is a start that can help weed out negative behaviors and negligent individuals. Staying alert during the research stage and in-person visits can spot the signs of elder abuse and help you end them quickly. Seeking alternatives to nursing homes can ensure that you or your loved one can avoid these situations completely. One day, hopefully, all people who are in their golden years will be able to feel safe in every facility in the city of Chicago.

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