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Creating a custom award design based on your logo


Logos serve many important purposes. A good logo makes it easy for people to recognize and remember your products and services.

When awarding your employees for their hard work and many achievements, there are many places to look to go about doing this. One of the best ways is to create a custom design based on your company’s logo.

The Overall Design

An effective plaque takes into account many things. The same is true of your logo. A really good logo has a look to it that instantly says this is the company to the person who sees it. This is the feeling you want to capture when it comes to creating your own custom plaques.

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The award should instantly evoke the logo in many respects without necessarily being a direct copy. That kind of subtle design is one way to craft awards that are uniquely your own for your employees.

This kind of design is also one that should take into account what the recipients are looking for when they are getting a company award. Employees want to be able to carry the award to their desk or bring it home to show it to their family and friends. It needs to be easy to display.

They also want to have an award that others can see and know this is someone who has made an important contribution to a given client. A custom design that is based around your company’s logo makes it possible to do all of these tasks for an award for your employee at the same time.

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Adding Pizzazz

Pizzazz is what makes any award stand out from the crowd. This is true of any logo that your company has chosen to use. A logo has what it takes to make the company’s plans and services quite visible.

This is also a good way to advertise your company to the public. Awards that take into account the company’s best qualities are those awards that will stand the test of time and are awards that employees carry with pride many years later.

Your plaque can use your logo and go forward with it in a new and unexpected way. For example, you might decide to place the logo on top of a base sideways.

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That illustrates that your company employees are capable of moving past the obvious and thinking about their industry in novel ways.

An award can also have lots of custom work that takes direct inspiration from the logo. You might use certain materials in your work such as brass and glass. The award with your logo can use these materials to create an item that is striking and visible from a distance as well as close up.

Individual Details

Details make your awards your own in every way. For example, the use of color can add to the item’s elegance. Primary colors such as blue, red and yellow are colors that have an impact on the logo and the award you want to commission.

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These are the kinds of details that you’ll see in your logo. Your logo might have a single word or a catchphrase that incorporates your company’s worldview just right. Take that as a way to make an award that vividly demonstrates why your company has something your customers want and appreciate.

Other kinds of details are also very easy to add to your award. Think about the base of the item. It might be made from glass-like your company’s logo. The award can also mimic the shape of the company’s logo. If your logo has a lot of curves, add curves to the award.

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Shapes like triangles and squares will also be instantly visually identifiable when people see the award in person. Details like these will turn the award into an item the recipient can use with great pride when thinking about the course of their overall career.

Crafting custom awards by looking at your logo makes an award for workers even more personal for them. It’s easier than ever to use your company’s most vivid symbol to let your employees know they mean a lot to your organization with a custom design.



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