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Dissertation Writing Tips: 8 Dissertation Hacks


It’s time to write a dissertation, but you don’t know where to start. Knowing the sections to start with and the steps to follow to write your paper is important for your success. You also need to identify any technical issues that can speed up the writing process.

Maybe studying has been painful and exhausting- completing the thesis is a requirement for your degree award. Here are eight dissertation hacks you should master.

Define the dissertation requirements

Check with your tutor what you need to produce at the end of your research. Find out whether there are any specific dissertation requirements to fulfill. Ask whether you need to write several papers or just a monograph thesis.

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Establish the elements of your dissertation, including the title, literature review, methods, results, and recommendations. Find out whether there is any special structure that you need to follow when writing your paper. If you don’t understand the paper structure, search for dissertation help services and find assistance.

Define your goal

Write down the key argument of your dissertation topic. Identify your project description or proposal and what you need to deliver. Define what makes sense in the whole project and focus on it. Write down your goal in a few sentences and focus on attaining that goal.

The goal of your dissertation is like the foundation. If you cannot explain simple concepts and why the research matters, it will be difficult to create something meaningful. When writing your goal, be explicit and think of that goal as a statement of intent.

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Don’t wait to complete all the work at once

Waiting to complete the project before it begins is a way of delaying the writing process. Begin working on your project as early as possible. Treat the dissertation as the ultimate outcome of your studies.

Starting early will ensure the timely completion of your project. It ensures that the process is creative and fruitful. Writing is not just providing a summary of your findings- it is also about organizing the work well. Putting the project ideas together requires you to start drafting sections early.

Understand that writing is a process

Dissertation writing is not an activity or an event. Whatever you continuously jot down may not represent an ideal version of the final project. Avoid having very high expectations.

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Whenever you write something, know that it is subject to improvement- it is not final. To view writing as a process means that it is important to create a draft. This draft may not look so good, but it may help you to make improvements on the final project. The trick to writing is to build upon that draft- improve it later.

Start with what you have

Avoid planning your dissertation based on everything you want to include in your entire project. Don’t wait until you gather all the information to start. Otherwise, this will lead to a waste of time.

Focus on what you have done and write about it. The information may be more than enough. In some cases, that information could be enough to complete the project. Create a draft with the information you have gathered so far, and don’t wait to gather more stuff or get better.

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Always have a notepad

On a notepad, write down any ideas and thoughts that come to your mind. These could be things related or not related to the project. Taking notes will help you not to forget about your thoughts and keep on writing.

Write down when you need to email your supervisor, respond to class emails, and book appointments. This will help you not to lose focus by getting to a less important task.

Manage your time

One of the key ingredients to success is time management. Find a specific time to write your thesis every day. Having a writing routine will enhance the flow of writing and help you to meet your dissertation goal.

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Follow these tips to manage your writing time:

  • Create a writing schedule
  • Break down tasks for ease of management
  • Prioritize wisely
  • Avoid multitasking

Take breaks

It is common to submit a project only to realize that it has a mistake that was not there before. To be an effective dissertation writer, avoid editing your work immediately after completing it.

Your brain needs to reset and get ready to skim. After completing a chapter, take a break and come back to edit. You may edit the work after a good night’s rest. You can also find a third party to edit your work.


Clear your mind and get ready to start writing your dissertation. The above dissertation hacks will help you to be productive and efficient during the project. Avoid listening to myths regarding dissertation writing and take immediate action. After clearing the first part of your project, you will be closer to completing it well.

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