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Distinctive and stylish accessories – The top four hat styles that style-conscious men must own


If you carefully review the fashion scene, you will notice that men have always worn hats. In fact, there were different hat styles for various classes of men, and they stuck to the code. Today, hats have become a style accessory that men sport to highlight their taste and style and add class to their overall persona. And a style-conscious man today takes time to choose the hats that cater to his style and preference.

When men wore a hat, it was mostly to cater to a few social expectations back in history. Wearing a hat seemed practical, as men used to travel on horseback or foot. And that made people exposed to the harsh elements. Today, men wear hats for different reasons other than staying protected from the harsh elements. It is also because some yesteryear hat styles are still popular.

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Men don’t need to wear stylish hats every time.  But just in case they do, they will end up garnering more attention than men who don’t sport a hat. Do you want to make a style statement with your hat? If yes, you can always check out the American Hat Company and search for the best hat style to complement your persona.

And if you don’t know where to start and what to search for, here are four distinct hat styles which every fashion-conscious man must own.

  1. The baseball cap

It could be the dad cap, trucker hat, or the snapback – a man might have a chance to own any one of these hats. Or they might have the baseball cap. This hat style brings a certain practicality level as it helps to keep the face secured from the sun’s harsh rays. That is not all. The baseball cap also acts as a stylish accessory in your arsenal. Most men usually wear baseball caps with their casual attires. However, they also go well with a wide range of styles. You can also sport it with streetwear and athleisure wear.

  1. The Fedora
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Most men find straw hats and baseball caps as a style accessory to wear on casual occasions. Are you searching for a hat variant that you can sport with your suit and tie? If yes, it’s time to throw light on your inner Frank Sinatra. That means you need to say yes to the classic Fedora. Take note that a classic Fedora is categorically different from the Trilby, a short-brimmed cousin of this hat. However, if it’s a Fedora that you would want to choose, then you can opt-in for a heavy fabric like wool or even a felt instead of a straw if you are planning to wear it for a formal occasion.

  1. The Straw Hat
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Men often choose a baseball cap to keep the harsh rays of the sun away from their faces. However, there can be a sunny day where you might require some more help to stay cool. It is during these times that you need to choose the straw hat. For most men, a straw hat is an indispensable choice during the summer months. And there are multiple types of straw hats that you can choose from, such as:

  • Porkpie
  • Safari
  • Trilby
  • Boater
  • Cowboy

The straw hats come with certain breathability, and it ensures that the heat doesn’t get trapped inside the hat. Simultaneously, its elaborate brim provides that your eyes don’t get affected by the sun’s rays.  Hence, if you frequently make outdoor plans during summer weekends, this hat is the best choice you can make.

  1. The Flat Caps
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So, you don’t want to sport a Trilby? And at the same time, do you wish to wear a vintage-inspired look? In that case, the flat cap is the best choice for you. This hat is a smart choice for the winter months, where it can retain the required hat close to the head and keep you protected from the winter sun when you are outdoors for a casual get-together. It also works when you want to attend more formal situations. It’s difficult to say whether sporting flat caps are synonymous with abiding by social expectations or not. However, this hat enables you to make a style statement. Today, there are various online hat makers available who can customize the hat according to your requirements.

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These are the four best hat picks for a man. That doesn’t mean that men need to have all these four hats. They can browse through each hat category and check which one caters to their style preference, liking, and persona. Some men prefer flat caps over a straw hat, while others would love to opt-in for a Fedora. Men need to devote time and conduct research on these hat styles and learn about the uniqueness that each hat has. That will help them to resonate with the hat style better and take a pick.



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