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GeneFactor | GeneFactor Male Enhancement Review – Gene Factor


What is GeneFactor Male Enhancement?

GeneFactor Male Enhancement is a product that claims to enlarge the size of the penis of the users. It can grow up to 3 inches in just one month.

This claim of penis being enlarged is supported by 64,000 previous users. But no scientific proof for this claim has been yet provided by the manufacturer.

Male Enhancement buy - GeneFactor | GeneFactor Male Enhancement Review – Gene Factor

Who is the manufacturer of GeneFactor Male Enhancement?

This product is made by independent manufacturer. It is based on their extensive research. It looks into the dietary intake of males. Especially of those countries where males are supposed to have extra-large penises.

These countries are all located in the equatorial region. It includes countries like Ghana and Congo in Africa. There are Colombia, Venezueala, and Ecquador in Americas.

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They eat mainly plantains or bananas. Independent labs carried out tests on over 1400 male volunteers for this product.

Ingredients in RLZ Male Enhancement

It contains all-natural ingredients. There is not a single synthetic ingredient in this product.

  • Plantain- The cooking bananas have been proven to be beneficial dietary supplement if taken in right proportions. It is used as a staple diet in many parts of the world.
  • Damiana Aphrodisiaca- it is called as magic plant by South American tribesman. It has helped these people with erectile dysfunctions for over two thousand years.
  • Muira Puama- It is said to be Viagra of Amazon. It is found in the bushes of Brazilian rainforests.
  • Vitamin B3- This is an essential vitamin that can be found in meat, eggs, fish, beans and milk.
  • Vitamin E- this is a vitamin that is known as active antioxidant.
  • Entengo- it is a natural herb. It is frequently used by other penis nlargement products.
  • Mkongoraa- It is generally found in Ghana or Congo. It helps to strengthen the penis cartilage and can cure penis flaccidity.
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How does the product work?

This product comes in forms of pills. This product works by increasing the testosterone level in the body. It is an anabolic steroid and the main male sex hormone.

All the ingredients are natural products. It forms the major dietary food or supplements in the equatorial region.

The ingredients in the pills claim to not only help in increasing the length and width of the penis but also having better control and duration of erections.

Advantages of GeneFactor Male Enhancement

  • It is a natural product containing natural ingredients and it does not contain any synthetic ingredient.
  • It helps in stimulating the actual growth of the penis itself. Unlike other product that can make the penis only firmer.
  • There is no need to do any surgical procedure to enlarge the penis. It is better alternative of the expensive surgery.
  • It builds up the confidence of the male partner. It can help in so many circumstances.
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Disadvantages of GeneFactor Male Enhancement

  • It is not made clear by the manufacturer with references to the actual result.
  • This product is not effective immediately. It takes about 30 days to show some results.
  • This product is not currently available in retail stores.

Conclusion of GeneFactor Male Enhancement Review

If anyone is not confident because of the small size of his penis, GeneFactor Male Enhancement is the product for him.

This product encourages actual growth in the size of the penis, in addition to increasing blood flow into the penis.

Penis cannot be really enlarged even with expensive surgery. It helps in exposing the penis, make it look larger than before.

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This product should only be taken after making proper consultation with the doctor as no side effects of the ingredients have been listed in the official website of the company.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How should you take this product?

A: The recommended dosage is two capsules daily, taken with food and liquid. Effects are not immediate but should take effect within 30 days.

The longer the capsules are taken the better the results will be as the ingredients build up in the body however, it is recommended that each duration should not last longer than two months.

Q: Where can you buy GeneFactor Male Enhancement?

A: This product is not available in stores currently. But you can order the product online from its official website.

Q: What is the price of GeneFactor Male Enhancement?

A: You can get these capsules for I Bottle for $69 each, 2 bottles $ 59 each and 4 bottles $49 each.

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