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Hiring React Native Developers? Here Are The Most Important Things To Know

React Native developers are in high demand. Many IT companies offer great job positions for remote and in-office programmers. But, finding the best React Native expert is not an easy task. First, the competition is enormous, and the recruiting and hiring process should be faster for effective hires.

Many developers prefer to be freelancers, so they can stay flexible and plan their own time as they want. It’s a challenging process, especially for employers, but there is always a way to find the perfect candidate for the job.

Why Do You Need a React Native Developer?

React Native is used to develop both Android and iOS apps using one framework. It’s known as cross-platform development and saves a lot of time and money. The same native layout can be deployed as needed, which maximizes productivity.

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Apps based on React Native perform really well on the market because of their accessibility and strong technical features.

React Native has a large community, making the hiring process more straightforward. The apps have reduced load time, a smooth user experience, and quicker development.

Knowing that it’s powered by Meta (Facebook), it makes a great option to develop, build, and sell highly functional apps for every device and operating system.

Job Description for React Native Developer

When trying to hire a react native developer, you need to provide a complete job description for their responsibilities.

Some of them are:

  • Understanding the principles of React Native
  • Creating dynamic Android and iOS applications
  • Dedicated to creating exceptional projects
  • Fix bugs and code errors
  • Ability to write easy-to-understand code
  • Building and implementing UI components
  • Working together with other developers, designers, and QA experts
  • Knowing some additional tools and frameworks
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Surely, a good React Native developer should have a pack of skills like working with tools like Flow, Redux, etc. They must know JavaScript, CSS, HTML, and front-end programming languages.

Additionally, skills like testing, debugging, and using third-party resources are also beneficial.

Having these things clear makes the hiring process easier and more flexible. It helps reach out to suitable candidates and enhances the whole recruitment process.

How To Hire a React Native Developer?

No matter if you are looking for a full-time employee or a freelance react native programmer, you have to describe the job position in detail. That’s how you attract suitable candidates without losing time on those who are not a good fit.

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That means you must be precise if you need a junior, mid, or senior developer. Also, don’t skip to mention the location, especially if you expect the employee to come to the office and work with the team.

During the first interview, you can check on their general knowledge, as if they know what React Native is, why it’s important, and how it works. Let the developer share their knowledge and thoughts.

After that, the candidate should prove their skills. They often take tests or have an interview with their potential team manager, to estimate their technical skills.

Get ready to negotiate the salary fairly. Today, even the junior React Native developers know their worth, so there is no place for manipulation and empty promises. If you really need to hire an RN developer, you probably have enough budget to offer a fair salary to them.

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You must negotiate the terms on time if you need a freelance react native developer. You can offer them an hourly rate or pay them by milestone or completed task.

Don’t Underestimate the Soft Skills

Soft skills are sometimes even more important than technical skills. For example, firstly, you determine the candidate’s communication skills. The initial communication is usually written, per email or LinkedIn messaging. But, the next stage requires a phone call, Zoom or Google Teams meeting, and eventually ending up an interview in person. Estimating these skills is essential because that’s how this person behaves every day.

They also should provide exceptional skills like:

  • Problem-solving skills
  • Adaptability to new things
  • Personal time management and meeting the deadlines
  • The effort they invest
  • Appreciating the client feedback
  • Being respectful to the coworkers
  • Constantly growing as a person
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Usually, an HR expert and recruiter work on this part. Most companies outsource HR services or have a department inside, so they can filter out the candidates by their CV and soft skills. After that, they are ready to proceed with the recruitment process.

So, no matter if you are a React Native developer, employers looking for the perfect candidate, or an HR expert, you should never underestimate the soft skills.

Final Thoughts

Hiring a React Native developer has never been easier. It’s enough to join a freelance platform as a client or reach out to them using the usual ways.

It’s important to nicely describe the job position and technical requirements and offer a competitive salary and flexible working conditions. That’s how things work nowadays, and we must adapt to it.

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