March 25

How Quickly Can You Open a Bank Account With SoFi?


If you would like to open a SoFi bank account online, you could create the bank account in less than five minutes, and subsequently, you may easily manage your checking account, your savings account, a credit card and an investment account. The company provides a secure account that offers an excellent interest rate, exclusive discounts and automated tools. Once you open a bank account, you could also install a mobile application that will offer many types of alerts, and you can easily access your bank account, transfer money, examine several types of transactions and adjust the settings of the account.


Opening a Checking Account and a Savings Account


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You can quickly open a checking account, a savings account and a retirement account, and you may examine the features of each account, several types of tools and the exclusive offers. When you visit the website, you could easily complete the online application, make an initial deposit and install the mobile application. Subsequently, you may also review the terms of each account, and you could evaluate guidelines that will help you to utilize the account.


The company has created tools that can automatically increase your savings. If you utilize these tools, the system will consistently save a portion of your income, and you can easily examine the available savings, modify the settings of the tools and transfer the funds.

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The business utilizes advanced tools that could increase the security of your account, protect your data and encrypt the information. Once you open a bank account, the company can improve the security of each transaction, and the tools could prevent security breaches, examine many types of statistics and utilize artificial intelligence.


Creating an Investment Account


After you create a bank account, you may also open an investment account that will allow you to trade cryptocurrencies. You could buy 30 types of cryptocurrencies, and you may examine reports that indicate the current prices of the cryptocurrencies, the historical values of the cryptocurrencies and relevant trends. Likewise, you could trade many types of stocks, and SoFi provides tools that can help you to trade fractional shares of stocks. If you purchase fractional shares, you may minimize the cost of each trade, yet you can purchase stocks that are related to well-known businesses.

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Utilizing a Credit Card


The company provides credit cards that feature a low interest rate, and when you utilize the credit card, the business can offer incentives that will slightly reduce the cost of each transaction. Once you make 12 payments, the company can also decrease the interest rate of the credit card.


Managing the Bank Account


Once you visit the company’s website, you can quickly open a SoFi bank account online, and you could easily receive direct deposits, schedule automatic payments, utilize the automated tools and check the status of each transaction. Additionally, you may customize a financial plan that will help you to increase your savings. You could create multiple goals, examine your monthly earnings, evaluate the monthly expenses and manage many types of investments.

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