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How to Choose a Coffee Machine for Home: Types and Useful Features


Sometimes coffee is the only thing that can get a person out of bed. And the whole day depends on what it will be. Or the drink can bring more positive emotions during gambling at or completing work tasks. Here’s how to choose a coffee machine for your home so you can enjoy a good espresso or cappuccino.

Coffee Machine or Coffee Maker?

To begin with, all devices for making coffee differ not only in method, but also in the degree of human involvement in the process. The most automated are considered to be coffee machines – here it’s enough to pour beans, pour water or milk and select the drink.

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The most complicated are espresso horn coffee makers. Everything has to be adjusted manually, including the pressure of the pump. Coffee machines mainly specialize in espresso and espresso-based drinks. Milk, for example, will have to be whipped separately with a steam tube.


Coffee makers are perfect devices for those who understand the intricacies of the art of coffee. But working with them is much more difficult than with automatic machines because there is a risk of making a mistake and ruining the drink.


There are also drip coffee makers – they are inexpensive, easy to use, but quite limited in functionality. They won’t be able to make other drinks.

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Cappuccino makers aren’t too expensive, but you will have to buy capsules every time. If they aren’t in the house, it will be impossible to make coffee. On the plus side, the ground beans in sealed capsules retain their flavor for a long time, and there are many different flavors to choose from.

How to Choose the Right Coffee Machine and What to Look for

If you only have energy to push a couple of buttons in the morning, then a coffee machine is your choice. But it too has nuances, we tell you how to choose an automatic coffee machine for home use and what to consider.

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Coffee to Use

If you don’t know how to choose a coffee machine for your home, expert advice can help you figure it out. For example, you should first decide what type of beans you want to work with.


All coffee machines have built-in grinders. You put the beans in beforehand, and the machine starts grinding them right during the brewing process. So you get a drink of freshly ground coffee. Everyone has this function.

Adjusting the Grind Level

Adjusting the degree of grind is a useful feature. It helps you adjust the taste of your drink – if your coffee is too sour, reduce the grind, and if it’s too bitter, on the contrary, increase the grind.

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If you’re not a fan of ristretto or espresso and are buying a coffee machine mainly for drinks with milk, choose a model with an automatic rather than a manual cappuccinatore. This way you can save 5-10 minutes, and in the morning this time is especially valuable.

Cup Warmer

Seemingly not the most important function, but still nice. The coffee in a hot cup doesn’t cool down for longer, which means that it doesn’t lose its taste and aroma.

The Possibility of Making Two Cups of Coffee

If you get up at the same time as your partner, it’s better to get a coffee machine with the ability to make two cups of coffee at once. Otherwise, by the time the second cup is ready, the first cup will have cooled down.

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Cleaning Systems

Some coffee machines have a self-cleaning limescale function, as well as a useful auto-cappuccinatore function – you won’t have to manually rinse the tubes and container of dried milk. When choosing, look for “automatic decalcification” and “automatic rinsing of milk circulation elements.


If you are a fan of coffee, then surely in the kitchen should be a coffee machine for home, what to choose – you decide, but you need to choose the right size.


Coffee machine takes a little less space than a microwave. If the kitchen is small, first determine the space for the coffee machine, and then look for a suitable size model.

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Nice Extras

These features will not affect the taste of the coffee, but will help save time, as well as make the process of use as pleasant as possible.


The coffee machine will make coffee by the time you can set it from your smartphone. Wake up to the aroma of coffee or come home from work to an already prepared cappuccino.

Memory Function

Set the desired cup volume, your favorite type of drink and store it in the machine’s memory.

Meter for Number of Cups Made

Makes it easy to calculate how much coffee beans you want to brew per month.

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Pre-brew Function

Pre-brew allows you to get a richer cup, revealing the taste and aroma of coffee.


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