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How to write a good argumentative essay


If you’re writing an essay that is persuasive in its nature it will require more than just an opinion in order to support your position. Even the most passionate argument isn’t convincing if it’s not properly structured and backed with solid arguments and evidence. Learn about the components that an argumentative piece needs as well as how it can be constructed based on the reader’s preferences by following this easy step-by-step guide.

The persuasive essay can be described as a written piece of work that takes a stand on a particular topic. With a persuasive article the author tries to convince readers and justify their position regarding the subject by explaining their arguments and providing evidence to back the argument.

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Argumentative essays are the norm for college and high school students. The most popular topics for argumentative essays are science, technology, politics and health care.

Argumentative essays should be constructed clearly so that readers are able to read them easily. The aim of an argumentative essay is to express clearly your position which is supported by logic and evidence. A persuasive essay that is professionally written should be written in the following style, you may check studycrumb for further instructions:

  1. The introduction paragraph. The introduction paragraph of your essay should outline your topic, provide background information necessary to comprehend your argument, provide argument and outline your thesis.
  2. The thesis statement. It’s the first sentence. It’s a brief, one-sentence summary of your argument as well as opinions.
  3. Body paragraphs. A typical argumentative essay consists of at least three paragraphs where you outline the reasons why you have to support your thesis. Each paragraph must address the topic from a different angle of evidence. It should also contain the outline of the topic that clearly clarifies the reasons why readers should be able to agree with your arguments. Body paragraphs are the best place to prove your point by providing examples and research data, statistics and texts and studies. Be sure to discuss the opposing viewpoints and counter them , or state the reason that you do not agree with these opinions. Making sure you present facts and look at the subject from a variety of angles improves credibility and increases the trust of readers.
  4. Conclusion. A sentence that reinforces the thesis of your essay and summarizes your arguments in your paragraphs. Instead of providing new information or offering more perspectives the conclusion should appeal to the reader’s emotions. In certain instances writers might employ personal stories to illustrate how their subject affects their lives.
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The thesis statement for your essay is only one sentence but it’s among the most crucial parts that you compose in your argumentative essay. The thesis statement should be included within the intro paragraph. It summarizes your argumentative essay and sets the tone for the next chapter. These tips can aid in delivering your message in a short and concise manner:

  1. The subject should be an inquiry, and then answer it. Make a key question within the essay’s title, or in the initial two sentences. Following that, you’ll need to create the answer to the question in your thesis. For example in your introduction or the title you might ask the question “What is the best type of sandwich?” In response, state your thesis as follows “The best type of sandwich is peanut butter and jelly.” This method is effective because intriguing questions draw readers in and motivate readers to continue reading to find the answer.
  2. Find a reason to argue then challenge it. Make a statement that is in conflict with your own beliefs. Explain your reasons for disagreeing with the notion. For example: “While some people believe peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are too simple, they’re versatile sandwiches that you can easily turn into a gourmet meal.” This method is effective because it is based on facts and immediately proves your credibility.
  3. Then, you should define your key elements. Begin by introducing your main idea, then describe how you’ll back your argument. For example: “You can turn a peanut butter and jelly sandwich into a gourmet meal by using artisanal bread, toasting the bread, and adding additional toppings.”
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This method is effective because it provides the reader with an overview of the subjects that you’ll be discussing in your writing. It also serves as a strategy to help you stay on the right path.


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