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Ideal ways to monitor backlinks 


You’ll need to keep acquiring backlinks in order to rise in the search engine rankings.

Another important aspect of content marketing is the use of links. They let you know if the credibility of your site’s content is high enough to garner the support of other websites in your field.

You have arrived at the right location if you are interested in gaining knowledge regarding the process of checking backlinks as well as the most effective tools for doing so.


Backlink Monitoring – Why is it essential?

It is essential for content marketers to keep a close eye on their links, as backlinks let us know whether or not people find the content, we produce to be valuable. This is a job that many of us would rather delegate entirely to the SEO specialists.

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Here are three compelling reasons why you should NOT delegate link monitoring to your SEO team.


Pro Tip: How to find an email address?

What is the significance of knowing how to find an email address? In order to launch an email marketing campaign, you may need to build a list of email addresses.

When it comes to finding email addresses, the days of sifting through them one by one are long gone.

Email finder tools like GetEmail.io, which use big data and artificial algorithms, can locate email addresses with high accuracy.

Let’s keep talking about how to monitor backlinks.

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Tactic #1 – Check your guest posts

Contrary to popular belief, guest posting is still an important factor in obtaining quality backlinks for your site.

You have the potential to see a significant increase in the rankings of your own website if you acquire backlinks from high-ranking websites.

Backlinks in guest posts are a great place to practice effective backlink monitoring.

If any of them are broken, contact the webmaster immediately and request that the link be repaired.

Also, if you want, you can permanently remove any bad links from your article.

Make a list of all the articles you’ve written and keep it in a spreadsheet so you can easily check them.

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Make sure that there is a link to the guest post associated with each title.

It’s a good idea to keep track of where you’ve previously posted your guest post and where you’re likely to connect in the future.


Tactic #2 – Track and report suspicious backlinks

Not every backlink your website receives is beneficial and healthy.

Bad backlinks must be regularly removed from your site by a webmaster or SEO specialist.

That way, you’ll be able to safeguard the site’s reputation and maintain its high search engine rankings.

You have a responsibility to monitor and report any potentially harmful backlinks that are made to your website, and you should be especially wary of other websites that have previously received a penalty from Google.

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You’ll lose credibility if they’ve recently linked to your site.

You should also avoid going to websites that have content that has been stolen or plagiarized, as well as websites that are involved in unethical activities.

In the event you receive any links from these sources, you should have them removed as soon as possible.

Thankfully, Google’s Search Console enables you to monitor any backlinks that point to your website, and their Disavow tool assists you in removing the offending link.


Tactic #3 -Track the live status of your core backlinks

Every website should have at least a few key backlinks.

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You need to know if your most important backlinks are active or not.

This is accomplished by using tracking software to track those links.

Tracking your backlinks’ status is an important part of your SEO strategy, and you should have a programme in place to do this on a regular basis.

If a backlink is supposed to be ‘do follow’ but is instead ‘no follow,’ this is an example of a backlink with the wrong attribute.


Concluding thoughts

You should have realized by now that monitoring your backlinks and developing a strategy to build more links takes time and effort.

You can begin earning more backlinks for your business once you understand how to check backlinks for your business.

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