September 30

Influencer Marketing Platforms in 2022


If you’re looking for the best influencer marketing platforms in 2022, look no further than CreatorIQ. It offers a complete end-to-end interface that makes it ideal for agencies and established brands.

The company boasts clients like Disney, Unilever, and Dell. It’s also won Mar tech awards for being the best influencer marketing platform. It allows users to create marketplaces for influencers, where they can check out content to ensure that they’re aligned with the company’s range.

Influencer marketing

If you’re trying to identify influencers to help promote your brand or product, you’ll need to consider a few of the best platforms available today. GRIN and Aspire both offer robust platforms with customizable pricing plans, and both offer payment history reports.

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Tagger also allows you to group influencers and track their entire groups, and Pixlee TurnTo is not exactly an influencer marketing platform but helps brands curate social content for use in paid ads. For this eCommerce marketing tools can be helpful.

Mavrck is another influencer marketing platform that allows marketers to manage thousands of influencer relationships through programmatic, user-friendly interfaces.

The platform’s Discovery feature lets you search and filter influencers by characteristics such as demographics, social media activity, and more. Another influencer-based platform, Klear, offers intelligent insights into a social network’s audience and can help businesses target the right influencers for their campaigns.

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Top influencer marketing platforms

There are a number of benefits to using an influencer marketing platform. In addition to the ability to use keywords, hashtags, and mentions to promote your business, these services also offer customized affiliate links, influencer landing pages, and payment tracking.

You can also access reports on the effectiveness of your campaigns and the performance of your influencers.

Hypr, for example, categorizes and ranks influencers based on their content and audience. The platform also has a powerful search engine that helps brands identify the right influencers. It offers a free standard plan, but this plan does have some limitations. You can also create lists of influencers to target.

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Refersion is a powerful influencer marketing platform. Its Business Pro plan includes tools for managing campaigns, finalizing content, and reporting. This service is best suited for medium-to-large brands that have the budget to spend on a monthly subscription. It can also be used by agencies or talent managers. Its pricing depends on the features you need.

Future of influencer marketing platforms

The future of influencer marketing platforms will see greater integration and data collection. Brands and influencers will collaborate more on campaigns and monitor social media marketing metrics to determine which influencers are worth paying.

This is already happening in some influencer networks, but it will become increasingly crucial for solo influencers to understand social media metrics.

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New platforms will be developed, including new experimental media forms. We will also see a push towards AI-powered influencer marketing places. Some influencers are already having their moment, and as technology advances, influencers will be able to produce more shareable content with high virality potential.

Another big trend in the influencer marketing industry will be shoppable content. This trend will likely continue in the years to come. Brands that use shoppable content have an easier time making consumers buy products that they see on the screen.

Influence marketing has been around for centuries in one form or another. From the endorsements of the original superstar celebrities like Marilyn Monroe and Coca Cola, to modern-day Instagram influencers, businesses have long understood the power of influence marketing.

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In recent years, with the rise of social media, influence marketing has become more sophisticated and widespread. And now, with the launch of new influence marketing platforms, businesses have access to powerful tools that can help them reach their target audiences more effectively.

With the launch of these new platforms, influence marketing is poised to become even more popular and effective. Businesses that are looking to reach new audiences and grow their brand should definitely consider investing in an influence marketing campaign.


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