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IPL betting – interesting and profitable


While betting on cricket, players have the opportunity to improve their forecasting skills, observe the actions of their favorite team, and also earn a substantial amount. To do this, it will be enough to choose a specific sports discipline, as well as a tournament that will be most comfortable to follow. For many Indians, the IPL looks like the most interesting championship to bet on today.

Players will need to choose a bookmaker that can offer a wide enough selection of events for betting. If ipl betting 2022 turned out to be preferable, then registering on the website of the PM bookmaker would be an ideal solution. The company has an excellent reputation among the players and is also constantly developing, which is worth taking advantage of for beginners. A user-friendly interface, fast loading, and a lot of bonuses await every new visitor to the bookmaker.

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How to bet on cricket and earn?

If we consider the most interesting tournaments that you should follow while betting, then they will include:

  • Indian Premier League;
  • England County Cup;
  • cricket world championship;
  • Australian Cup.

The opportunity to bet and earn is saved every day, as there are many cricket championships in the world. The most solid odds can be obtained in international matches, but national championships are also suitable for receiving dividends.

How to assess the team’s ability to win?

Several factors in cricket can change the direction of a match. First of all, these are the results of the draw, which is held at the very beginning of the match between the teams. The referee tosses a coin to determine which side will attack first. The team that hits the first pitch gets a real advantage. The field where cricket is played is gradually wearing out. During the first attack, the bounce will be more accurate, and the ball will remain new and undamaged, making it easier to serve. Even if the leader of the season is opposed by a strong middle peasant, the latter has more chances to win by winning the draw.

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The field factor is also impossible to discount. Each terrain has its pitch coverage that the team is used to playing. The difference between earthen and grass surfaces is no less significant than between tennis court surfaces. The type of pitch depends on the feature of the pitch, the speed of the ball’s rebound, and its direction. For this reason, a team that is not used to playing a certain type of pitch will be in a less advantageous position than a home club.

In recent years, there has been a certain trend that concerns coatings. So in Cape Town or Adelaide, there are more slow pitches. In them, the ball accelerates less after hitting the ground, which adds more depth to the tactical component of the game. For this reason, the batsman has the opportunity to hit more effectively after the serve. Quick coverages are also saved. Bowlers who prefer the power style of play remain the winners on them.

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In addition to the features of the pitch, when betting, you also need to consider where the stadium is located. It can be located in areas with high or low humidity. Arenas can also be high-altitude or located in flat areas. Valuable 6-point shots are easier to hit in high-altitude areas, as the ball flies faster there. If the site is located in an area with a dry climate, then it is preferred by bowlers.


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