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Must Know fischer Seismic Resistant Construction Elements

The building structure and its structural members typically include Seismic Resistant Construction Elements that are ductile (capable of bending, swaying, and deforming without collapsing). When exposed to earthquake shear forces either horizontally or vertically, a building made of ductile material will bend or flex. It is possible to strengthen concrete buildings (which tend to be brittle, easily broken) by adding steel reinforcement. Steel-reinforced concrete buildings possess ductile properties due to both the steel and concrete being manufactured precisely. Let’s review the Seismic Resistant Construction Elements in the following blog.

Seismic Resistant Construction Elements: Design

Anchors for post-installed applications should be designed according to CEN/TS 1992-4 for Part 4 of Eurocode 2 or following the design method described in Technical Report TR045. For seismic design situations on the anchorage, the forces in the anchor must be determined by selecting appropriate actions. This is contained in EN 1990. The following situations may allow a simplified verification to be carried out for very low seismicity according to EN 1998-1For a single anchor or a group of anchors, ratio of seismic tension component to total design tensile force, or ratio of seismic shear component to total design shear force,:You must know the seismic category to calculate the anchor element’s resistance. A building’s importance (I,II,III or IV) as well as the age of the ground acceleration as well as the soil factor S must be known before determining the category. We can obtain these data from national risk maps (Soil maps and earthquake zones).

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Importance of seismic resistant buildings

When building a facility subject to earthquake ground motions, seismic resistant construction is a vital process of structural analysis and design. This ensures that the facility can continue to function and serve its purpose even after a disaster strikes.

Compared to residential and commercial buildings, hospitals and educational structures have a much higher importance factor, typically between 25-50%. A building’s seismic resistance can be improved by using different types of structural systems such as seismic support for pipe clamps, seismic isolation system, energy dissipation system, and active control system, which increase a building’s seismic performance by dissipating lateral forces without causing structural damage. Civil engineering non-traditional materials and techniques will proliferate with the development of new structural systems and devices. These advanced systems-based approaches are able to better represent the behavior under seismic conditions when based on a dynamic analysis.

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Elements that fix seismic restrictions


  • Fixing and bracing of pipes with seismic pipe clamp approved by FM. The seismic pipe clamp FSSC allows pipeline systems to be securely fixed and braced. This enables the use in seismic applications, as it can absorb both lateral and longitudinal forces.



  • Supports such as clevises or trapezes are used to attach seismic bracing elements to pipelines. An attachment is made at the other end to a structure, such as steel supports or concrete slabs. At least four braces are required per corner of suspended equipment. A seismic brace’s primary purpose is to limit horizontal shake caused by an earthquake. When an earthquake occurs, seismic braces safely attach equipment to structural members of a building in a way that allows it to move with the structure
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