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Parimatch affiliate marketing: all the benefits


Betting companies and casinos allow not only fans of excitement to earn money, but also arbitrageurs, webmasters, and site owners. Affiliates are one of the best ways to make money on the Internet, allowing you to have a stable income without investing your funds. One of the main tasks of an affiliate marketer is to choose a reliable gaming platform that honestly pays commissions for attracting traffic. One of the best CPA affiliate programs is Parimatch Affiliates. The high popularity of Parimatch allows partners to easily and quickly monetize traffic from their sites. The program is aimed at ensuring that affiliates can earn money, and the audience of the site’s clients is constantly expanding.

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How to become a Parimatch affiliate?

It is quite easy to become a bookmaker partner and start earning on affiliate marketing. To do this, the arbitrator needs:

  • register in the affiliate program;
  • wait for the administration to check the application, it will take no more than 24 hours;
  • get all promotional materials and marketing tools to attract new users.

During the whole period of cooperation, the partner can apply for help from affiliate managers. They will suggest how to effectively use promotional materials and banners. In the registration form, you must specify the last name and first name, mobile number, e-mail, residential address, date of birth, login, and password. Only an adult user can become a partner of the company.

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Advantages of Parimatch Affiliates

The company offers partnerships under RevShar and CPA schemes. Cooperation with a reliable bookmaker has the following advantages for arbitrageurs:

  • modern tools and promotional materials that increase work efficiency;
  • timely commission payments;
  • promotions and bonuses for affiliates;
  • round-the-clock support.

The company has developed a high-quality mobile application that allows partners to attract traffic at any convenient time and place. The amount of payment to the partner is determined by the administration of the company, depending on the size and quality of traffic. The advertiser needs to attract from reliable sources, it is forbidden to use manipulations with cookies, and any kind of spam is not allowed. In case of violation of the rules, the advertiser has the right to terminate the partnership. Each affiliate can use a special system to track statistics on affiliate links, banners, and other promos. You can earn not only by attracting new customers but also by attracting new affiliates.

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Affiliate commissions are charged once a month, the minimum withdrawal limit is one hundred dollars. The company cooperates with several payment systems, you can use a bank card or an electronic wallet.

Marketing tools for Parimatch partners

Affiliates are offered a wide range of tools to attract traffic. The partner can choose the option that will fit the specifics of his resource. There are gifs and banners for betting and casinos, designed in different styles and sizes. The partner also receives articles with a detailed description of all the advantages of the playground, and the principles of a successful game. Link weight, XML-field, and detailed statistics tags help in promotion. Text ads can be supplemented and edited by the partner in agreement with the advertiser. As traffic sources, you can use contextual advertising, social networks, email, instant messengers, and search traffic.

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