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Refinansiering – Helpful Tips for the Process


Over time, people have mastered the practice of taking out loans to fulfil some of their responsibilities at home or at work. This is necessitated by financial difficulties which may come up unexpectedly and unannounced. However, not everyone is quite cognizant of loan process and how it can be gotten. The demand for refinancing loans has increased in recent times, because of the numerous benefits attached to it. Among the loans sought by people are consumer loans such as student loans, mortgage loans.


Refinancing a loan simply means taking a new loan to settle or pay off old debts. You can refinance your loans either through approved banks or registered private lenders. It does not add an extension to the payment method of the previous debts you have incurred. Rather, it only replaces your current debt with a new one. Once you apply for a new loan, everything is revised to the terms of the new credit.

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There are plenty refinance companies available around your location to help assist with the process. Registered lenders or brokers consider various factors and some laid out procedures which may differ from other lenders.


Replacing your loan involves making a choice out of the numerous companies available. However, you could check to see a list of brokers and loans that are offered and the applicable interest rate. This is necessary because a lot of borrowers make hasty decisions without proper consideration of the lender’s factors and interest rates.


This article will walk you through the required criteria that qualify you to refinance a loan. We would also discuss reasons why you should do a replacement of old debts, helpful tips on the refinancing process and benefits accrued to it among others.

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Reasons Why You Should Consider Loan Refinancing

As mentioned earlier, refinancing a loan simply means replacing existing debts with new ones. The following are reasons why the process is advisable:

Credit Score

Your credit score could be of advantage for you to get a loan or replace existing ones with a new one. Credit score refers to a number that shows how credit worthy a person is. The higher the credit score, the higher chances a borrower has to get loans from lenders. Note that credit scores are calculated in various ways. It is always on the credit history of your account and other factors.


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Most times, your credit score changes as it is not fixed. Approved banks and reliable lenders that are registered always have fixed scores for their borrowers. Check this article to read more about credit scores.

Interest Rate

Loan refinancing comes with a lower rate – the interest rates are not as high as the existing loans incur. Whenever you borrow huge amounts, banks tend to offer rates that are low. The lower a loan amount, the higher the interest rate. Also, your credit score qualifies you to get good interest rates on your loan, whether fixed or variable rates.


Repayment Terms

When you replace an old loan with a new one, it comes along with an evaluation of the repayment period and interest rate. This implies that the repayment method/period changes. Switching repayment term is possible; you can either change to a long-term payment method or a short-term method.

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Of course, there are various types of loans that you can refinance but take note that repayment methods vary from broker to broker and the type of loan in question.


Factors To Consider Before Selecting A Refinance Company

Companies that provide refinancing services are numerous and they operate in various countries across the world. These companies are usually registered lenders and brokers licensed to carry out refinancing operations. Just as their operations differ, their conditions and qualification criteria also differ.


You may incur other problems if you choose a company without checking out their terms and conditions. Here are some factors you should put into consideration to enable you make a right choice:

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Application Process

Some companies have a long and unnecessary application procedure. They tend to bring up criteria that borrowers find hard to qualify for. The application procedure may be fast or slow, depending on the method used by the company (online or in-person).


Make sure to check out the documents you have to see if they tally with the ones the company requires. It is advisable to go through the whole application process before you start applying for refinancing.


Also, a refinance company takes the age factor serious. They have stipulated minimum age for those who can apply, ranging from 18 years to 25 years.

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Most brokers do not refinance all types of loans; they tend to specialize in just one type. A lender may only choose to refinance student loans or mortgage loans. This is usually done to enhance their efficiency and quick payment.



It is important to note that brokers refinance loans in different amounts from small to large amounts as requested by the borrower. Although some lenders find it hard to go beyond their fixed amount, there are other favorable features that may make them more viable and reliable.



Loan refinancing companies as part of their responsibilities, always inform their borrowers of the repayment period they can offer. Some offer their clients between 15 years to 20 years to repay debts.

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Other Fees And Co-signer

Some companies ask for certain fees before and after the application process. Borrowers find this hard to comply with and opt out. Meanwhile, there are other brokers that do not request for such charge or fee before and after meeting their requirements.


For borrowers that have low credit scores, there is always a need for a co-signer. A co-signer is more like a guarantor who has a high credit score and a good credit history. The co-signer stands in for the borrower. However, some companies do not grant approval for the use of co-signers because of certain factors.


Helpful Tips On Refinancing Process

The following are some helpful pointers for you to bear in mind while applying for refinancing:

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Count The Cost

Loan refinancing has become popular in recent times, as a number of students and workers have plunged into the game. You have to make a decision whether you need a loan refinancing or not. Take a look at your finances and personal income. Remember, taking a new loan to settle the old debts is meant to salvage a financial situation. Your decision to embark on the refinancing process cannot be reverted.


Check Your Credit Score

Before you even start the application process, ensure to verify your credit history and credit score. Some lenders have strict requirements as to who they provide their services to. So, it is advisable to do a credit check before proceeding. If your score is lower than the required, it means you have to work towards boosting it. Sometimes, there may be inaccuracies involved in your credit history. Ensure to rectify every problem that may lead to the rejection of your application.

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Compare Lenders

There are numerous lenders and brokers licensed to perform this service. You might find them in your location or miles away; all you need to do is a Google search to find the one nearest to you. If possible, check out all the lenders in your area and do a comparison. Nonetheless, lenders have different application procedures and requirements for qualification. Doing a comparison on the requirements of two to five lenders will help you select the best one for you.


Benefits Of Refinancing A Loan

Loan refinancing is helpful especially when interest rates in the market fall. The following are the advantages of getting a debt replacement:

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Debt Consolidation

When you replace your debts with a new one, you get the chance to combine multiple debts into a single one. Borrowers tend to enjoy this benefit a lot, because they get a good interest rate and other favorable payoff terms. One of the favorable payment terms includes a single monthly payment instead of multiple payments with high interest rates.

Interest Rate

Taking a new loan to pay off old ones is an advantage to borrowers. This is because there is only one interest rate on all the debts. There is always a possibility that interest rate may drop in the market. This will help borrowers settle their debt easily. Click here: to get more information on other benefits.

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Loan Term

Since there is a chance for a re-evaluation of your credit history and other criteria, there is a change of other things too. The loan payment period also changes in the whole refinancing process.


It is pertinent to note that companies always demand a monthly payment until the agreed repayment term elapses. However, the agreed repayment period is based on your credit score and income. There is a chance for borrowers to get revised payment timing once they decide to refinance their loans.



A lot of people get confused whenever they are faced with financial difficulties. They fear to take out a new loan because they feel they already have an existing one that they are yet to pay off. But it is possible to replace your existing debt with a new one, as explained in the article. Hopefully, you have learnt the importance of loan refinancing and all that it entails. If in need of further clarification, consult your financial institution for more insight.

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