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The Best Apps to Install on iPhone, iPad, and Mac Immediately After Purchase in 2023


The iPhone, iPad and Mac are interesting not only for the variety and quality of built-in software but also for the abundance of third-party software. Of course, it’s possible to open many websites, like Vave Casino or Facebook, without installing extra programs, but you cannot do without any additional software at all. Some apps are recommended to install immediately after purchase.

The First Apps to Download on Your iPhone or iPad


An advanced delayed reading service that continues to be incredibly relevant year after year. With it you can easily and quickly save for the future any materials that may be useful for work or study.

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An important feature of the app is the download of saved materials directly to the device for access to information without an internet connection. This can be especially useful for reading on the go.


On the one hand, under the pressure of social tools the relevance of RSS-readers has decreased significantly lately. On the other hand, there is still no more convenient tool that helps to collect content from the Internet.


In this case, Reeder will be a godsend. With Reeder in one easy-to-use interface, you can read everything you need to study, work or just have fun. The main thing is that the sites must have RSS support.

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Quite a simple but functional reader for books and any other material that supports FB2, EPUB, MOBI, PRC, RTF, PDF, and many other common formats. It has flexible settings for displaying data and not only.


Today, carrying mountains of paper literature is not the best idea. It’s better to save what you need in such an application and use it whenever you need it. Moreover, eBoox also supports cloud storage.

MyScript Calculator

This is an extraordinary calculator, which is globally different from any other calculator. You don’t have to enter values into it with an on-screen keyboard or anything like that, just write an expression on the screen to make all the calculations possible.

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This calculator is easiest to use with an iPad and Apple Pencil. However, the iPhone will do just as well. The app recognizes input as soon as it’s done and immediately gives you the result, if at all possible.

iA Writer

A minimalistic text editor that’s easy to use just on the iPhone screen, as well as with the physical keyboard and iPad. With it you can quickly create and print a simple document.


The main advantage of the calculator is the support for the simplified HTML markup language, Markdown. This makes iA Writer an indispensable tool for any text materials that are prepared for publishing on the web.

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A notepad specifically designed for iPad and Apple Pencil. It’s designed to instantly recognize handwriting and translate everything you write into printable form for use in any possible materials.


The developers have been working on the application for more than a year, so they managed to add a number of different gesture commands for quick editing of the written word.

The First Apps to Download on Your Mac


One of the most versatile task managers, which is equally great for independent planning of any personal tasks, as well as for the distribution of responsibilities in a group in team projects of any size.

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An important feature of the service is its absolute cross-platform nature. It can be used on Macs and the entire Apple ecosystem, as well as on devices from other manufacturers if you need it for your work.


A simple word processing utility that doesn’t have extensive formatting functionality. Instead, it has a virtually endless history of editing records with the ability to return to any of the possible revisions.


However, it’s not even the revision history that often draws attention to this utility. It’s also interesting for the fast online publishing of any notes using HTML tags and simplified markup using Markdown technology.

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One of the most convenient and effective among translators of text into different languages at the moment. It works with English, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Greek, Danish, and dozens of other common languages around the world.


The app is integrated into macOS and opens with a simple keyboard shortcut. However, much more important is the high quality of the translation, which is due to the active use of neural networks for all language pairs.


One of the most versatile calculators ever created for macOS. It makes any calculation many times easier and faster. All you have to do is insert the expression you want in the app, and it gives you the result right away.

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Not only can the app do math, it can also convert currencies and units of measure. Moreover, due to the quick startup and ease of use, the program is often opened to make a couple of small notes.


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