December 22

The Best Features Smartwatch Users Must Know


Many people today prefer smart watches from Apple to more affordable options from Casio and other brands. And it’s not just about the opportunities that the Apple Watch offers to its users, like knowing how many calories you have burned or receiving the most lucrative Spinia offers,  but also about the fact that it’s prestigious to wear something from Apple.


If you already own this smartwatch from Apple, here are 5 tips that will make using it that much more enjoyable.

Starting With the Watch Face

If editing the dial to suit you was the only feature on the Apple Watch, even then it would be worth considering buying this watch. Isn’t that freedom of choice when you can use any photo or even an animation as your watch face? Lots of built-in dials, and they can be edited for colors and many other parameters.

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Depending on the type of dial, you’ll have different widgets available that allow you to quickly navigate to a particular function in the watch. Information like charge percentage, air temperature, and incoming messages can be tracked without even going to the app. And the dials with Mickey Mouse… This voiceover is adorable. Kids and everyone over 30 will love it.


Experiment with the dials even every day! Test different combinations to choose your own style.

Extending the Working Time

On average, the Apple Watch 8-series on a single charge can last up to 2 days. But this is subject to saving resources. You need to limit geolocation, disable Always On Display (for which many at one time and switched to the Apple Watch 5-series), turn off the tracking of physical condition, sleep phases and so on. In general, if you want to zap the watch less often, just use it as a watch with notification of calls and messages.

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It’s sad, but the reality is this. To make it work longer, you have to cut back on functionality. Yes, it’s sad when you don’t use the features you paid a tidy sum for. Conclusion – you don’t have to think about it. There really isn’t much difference between one and two days on a single charge. We’re all used to charging our iPhones every night anyway, so what’s the problem with charging hours as well? Those few hours of extra battery life aren’t worth limiting yourself to the rich functionality of a smart watch. Use the Apple Watch and enjoy it.

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They Aren’t Afraid of Water, but it’s Better Not to Frighten

Although the Apple Watch is protected against moisture and dust, we do not recommend that you test it. To begin with, after some time or because of careless use, the sealing of the gadget can be broken. This also applies to the iPhone, the sealing of which is even easier to break than the watch.


Unsuspecting users can drown their beloved gadget with their own hands. You should especially avoid salt water and water with mud. We remind you that all cases when moisture gets inside your device are not covered by the warranty, and you will have to repair the device, if it makes sense at all, at your expense.

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Using the Radio

The Apple Watch has a lot of interesting functions and features, and the “Radio” is probably one of the most interesting and useful. Thanks to this feature, we will be able to communicate with other Apple Watch owners, in real time. To do this, just add the user to your contact list and activate the “Radio” feature. Now your Apple Watch can speak with the familiar voice of friends and loved ones at any moment in life.


Of course, sometimes it’s inconvenient, because the person you’re talking to can’t see whether it’s convenient for you to hear his speech now, or whether it’s appropriate at the moment. And to protect yourself from silly jokes from your friends, this function can easily be paused.

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Competing With Friends and Setting Records

Apple has taught its users to do sports in a new way. You can compete not only with yourself, closing daily activity rings but also with friends. Add them to your list, and keep track of their daily achievements. In this way, all participants can motivate each other so that no one will slack off.


It’s easy to implement in practice, and works better than all sorts of medals for completing levels from Apple. When your loved one sees that you have not exercised today, he or she is sure to write to you about it and kindly shame you. It doesn’t work with everyone, but once you’ve set your goals, you need to follow through! And Apple will help you do it.

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