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The Google Nest Doorbell – What Are the Main Features?


A home is always incomplete without good security. This is a place meant to keep you and your valuables safe against all kinds of harm, both internal and external. For thorough home security, you must consider everything potential threat to your home and then prioritize to make the process easier. A good way is to always start with front door security.

The front door is one of the most vulnerable areas of your home. This is where you enter or leave your home, accept packages and interact with strangers. Opening the front door to someone without knowing who is outside, can make you vulnerable to all kinds of dangers, which is why there needs to be a better way to do this.

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A video doorbell is one of the most effective ways to make your home a safer place. It keeps your home protected in the most convenient way possible. The best video doorbells have the potential to become one of your favorite surveillance gadget due to their convenience, comfort and value for money.

The following are some of the main features of the Google Nest doorbell to help you understand why it may be a good addition to your home.

Constant Updates from Anywhere

No matter where you are, worrying about the status of your home’ security should not become an obstacle in your daily tasks. Using this doorbell, you will receive a bright, HD image of the activity outside your front door regardless of the time of day, or even how good the lighting is. With the activity outside your home being monitored at all times, you won’t have to miss anything important no matter where you are. For remote access, this gadget is the perfect pick.

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The visibility is excellent, which makes this one of the most reassuring methods of home security. With the Google Nest doorbell, you can keep an eye on your home without a single break, so you never have to miss a single visitor or package. In addition, the Activity Zones feature lets you specify particular areas of your home and notifies you when something happens there. This gadget can give you a personalized home security experience.

Play Back What You’ve Missed

A video doorbell is a helpful home security gadget. It makes it much easier to answer the door form anywhere and at any time, which can help out a lot of homeowners of different occupations, ages and abilities. However, that may not be enough at times. Despite the easy monitoring, it can be difficult to constantly keep an eye on your home.

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Fortunately, this doorbell allows you to go back and watch what you missed to make things easier. If you’re worried that you will miss something when you aren’t at home, this doorbell allows you to record a certain amount of activity to watch later.  This is a more realistic way to ensure home security, since 24/7 monitoring can be a little difficult even with a gadget assisting you. This doorbell can give homeowners 3 hours of free event video history; this, paired with a Nest Aware subscription to increase the storage space up to 60 days can ensure that you will never miss a single event.

Receive Packages with Ease

If you’re someone who spends most of their day busy with either work or house chores, you probably understand the struggle of having to be distracted by visitors throughout the day. Answering the door can take up quite a bit of time, and if you’re unable to reach there in time, you might miss something important.

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This is where the Google Nest doorbell can, once again, be of help. You can see all that is happening right outside your front door, even if you aren’t physically present there. Without even having to move, the built-in microphone and speaker will let you look at and speak to whoever is outside. The best part is, you can do all of this right from your smartphone. You can let a delivery person know that you’ll be out in a few minutes, and even interact with strangers in a safer way.

A video doorbell can be a great help while you’re multitasking, but it does more than that. It can give you greater peace of mind while you’re on a trip or at work, so you can rest assured your home is never vulnerable.

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Easily to Install

One of the biggest hassles when trying to install a new gadget, is its installation process. If you have to get a gadget professionally installed, it can cost quite a bit and take up a lot of your valuable time. Although, with the Nest doorbell, this isn’t a problem. There are different versions of this gadget – wires and wireless – and both are equally easy to install.

The gadget is installed right outside your front door. The battery-powered version would be easier, since wiring it properly can require a certain level of skill with electrical systems. This can give you better customization options as well, and you can place it at the exact height which suits you. With the problem of extensive installation out of the way, this gadget has the potential to become a security essential for any home.

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Maximizing Home Security

Using home security gadgets to make your home feel safer can be very effective. Instead of getting an entire alarm system, you can rely on a few reliable gadgets to help you keep a closer eye on your home, and this is exactly what the Google Nest doorbell allows you to do.


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