November 1

The Internet Is What We Need


Whether via cable, 5G or with hybrid technology – the main thing is high-speed Internet. So no more interruptions while playing TonyBet. That will make your life way easier. No matter what, everyone needs a stable and good connection. The online world has so much to offer. You have to explore it. That you can only if you do not have to wait for hours that a website will open itself.




Speaking of WLAN power: With the new product portfolio, we are also paying special attention to optimum WLAN performance. That is why the new focus is also entirely on WLAN-related services. So here are our top 3 tips for optimum WLAN performance as a kind of first step:

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Ensure accessibility: To get the maximum WLAN range, you should make sure that the signal can propagate well. Place the router in the center of the room or apartment if possible. Ideally, you should choose an elevated location, since the WLAN radio waves propagate downward. The materials are also important. While wood, plastic and glass are usually no obstacle, you might have signal problems in a house/apartment with reinforced concrete walls. WLAN amplifiers (mesh) can help here – for WLAN right into the last corner!


Avoid sources of interference: Devices that you hardly think about can be significant sources of interference for WLAN performance. Microwaves, for example, can have a massive impact on connection quality. Cordless phones, wireless speakers or headphones, and external power sources such as high-voltage lines also have a strong impact on WLAN quality.

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Use the right frequency: Most WLAN networks transmit on frequencies around 2.4 GHz, which can often be congested. Some routers also support the 5 GHz band, which can be used as an alternative in this case. Both have advantages and disadvantages. 2.4 GHz networks are usually more crowded, as more devices use this frequency, but have a better range. 5 GHz networks offer higher speed, but cover less area. Therefore, the tip: If surfing near the modem, 5 GHz is recommended if the device supports this frequency band, otherwise mostly 2.4 GHz.


The Internet Optimizer app offers self-help in a simple and efficient way. Simply install the app, run the speed test and follow the app’s recommendations after the evaluation. Simple settings such as changing the WLAN channel, changing the WLAN password, or sharing with guests using a QR code can also be made very easily with the app. Support for using the app is available, among other things, via video instructions on our YouTube channel!

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Scenario 1: Optimize existing Internet


Despite several optimization attempts, your fixed network Internet is not reaching the contractually agreed bandwidths and you don’t know what to do. In the Internet-Ready-Check, we look together at how we can sustainably improve the performance of your existing Internet. Our employee will first check the basics, such as the correct supply line. If this is correct and a reset has no effect, the structural conditions may have an influence on the performance of the Internet. Together, you can test whether a mesh WLAN amplifier can help achieve higher bandwidths. In combination with a modem swap, you can now achieve the desired Internet speed.

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Scenario 2: The 5G Cube in the test


You have an LTE Cube and often complain about slow and unstable Internet. Fixed Internet is also available, but the normal infrastructure in your area is not yet as well developed. In the course of the Internet-Ready-Check, many experts take a look at the possibilities at your home. Fortunately, 5G is available at your location. During the appointment, you can test a 5G cube at several locations in your home. A comparison between indoor and outdoor cube can also be made. Based on the various tests, you can make the ideal decision for you.

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Scenario 3: Fiber-optic Internet in the expansion area


You live in an area where it is currently expanding its fixed network infrastructure. You currently get your Internet from a provider. Since you will need higher bandwidths in the future due to increased demands at work and in your free time, you are very interested in an invitation to an Internet Readiness Check. During the appointment, the employee will advise you in detail about the various possibilities within your own four walls. Taking into account the structural conditions in your home, you will arrive at an optimal solution to sustainably meet your need for faster Internet with fiber-optic Internet.

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