December 22

The Most Useful Open Source Apps for macOS


Ready to work with your macOS laptop easier? Then these will help you pimp your Mac and make your work at the computer or gambling at a Bizzo Casino more enjoyable and convenient.


The app switching window in macOS is made too minimalist and uninformative. The system displays only large app icons and their names. Anyone switching to Mac from Windows might find this element simple and underdeveloped.


The developers of the AltTab application decided to remedy the situation. The utility adds a lot of settings and appearance options for the macOS program switcher.


You can turn on preview pictures for running applications, and you can display all the windows of each application to quickly switch to the desired one.

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At the same time, you can not replace the standard menu, but use the new one only when necessary through any customizable shortcut. A huge number of parameters of the application will allow everyone to customize it.


Apple’s desktop operating system has long needed a handy tool for arranging and arranging windows. Standard tools can divide the screen into two parts or just move the window to another workspace.


Windows developers have long ago introduced and successfully improved a convenient mechanism of sticking windows to the edges of the screen with quick actions. Something similar can be implemented with third-party apps from the Mac App Store.

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The developer of the free AppGrid app offers similar features. After installing the program, you need to give the necessary permissions and set convenient keyboard shortcuts for moving and scaling windows.


Now with a single click you can resize the program and place it wherever you want in your workspace.


Lunar lets you take control of every aspect of your Mac display. You can change brightness and contrast, switch picture modes, or change the resolution or orientation of your screen.


You can set up presets to be applied with a single key, or you can have the settings change automatically depending on the level of light.

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There are a lot of fine-tuning and options in the utility and you have to pay for the full version after the 14-day trial.


For a long time, Apple ignored the outdated look of the on-screen volume indicators on the iPhone and iPad. Now it looks more stylish and doesn’t take up screen space while playing games or watching content.


A similar situation is observed on the Mac. The old indicators stand out from the overall design style and need to be replaced. This can be done with the SlimHUD program. The utility changes the volume, screen brightness and keyboard backlight indicators into thin, minimalistic bars.

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With the advent of the dark interface in macOS, third-party app developers have added a corresponding option to their programs. Some of them have it so cool that you don’t want to turn off the dark theme even during the day. And for others, on the contrary, the light design looks great, while the dark one cannot stand up to criticism.


With Gray, you can enforce the desired design on any standard or third-party application on your Mac.


Just run the program, give all the necessary permissions, and set the desired interface for all the utilities on your computer.

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One of the advantages of the Mac App Store is the ability to quickly update all installed programs and games. Latest allows you to do the same with third-party apps.


After launching it, you will see a list of updates for most third-party programs, you can read the contents of the updates and download the installation files.


AppPolice, once installed and launched, will take up residence in the macOS menu bar. You can use it to limit the CPU resources that a particular program can use.


For example, you can set a threshold for CPU usage by your browser, messenger, or third-party email client. That way you can make sure that one program doesn’t “eat up” all the power of the chip and doesn’t drain the battery of your MacBook.

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It’s a simple and convenient way to combat poorly optimized third-party macOS utilities. The app is compatible only with Intel processors, not compatible with M1/M2.


Monolingual lets you clean up your system of unwanted localization files for other languages. In just a minute you can clear the drive of unnecessary language packs that are installed by the system or third-party programs.


Furthermore, the utility can remove files to run on older processor architectures that are not needed on your computer.


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