August 10

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Bus for Rent in Mumbai for Your Outstation Tours


Whether the outstation tour from Mumbai is for official or personal purposes, you want to enjoy the journey comfortably. That’s why you need a transport option that can fulfil both your requirements. You consider a bus on rent which will be ideal for both short and long-distance journeys.


However, there are various parameters you should look at when you hire bus. Here are a few valuable tips to make the right choice:


  1. Passenger Count


The buses are usually available in a seating capacity ranging from 26-35 seats to 35-49 seats. However, if the passenger count is lower, you can take a 15 seater bus on rent in Mumbai. Such vehicles are known as tempo travellers and can accommodate 13-26 passengers.

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  1. Comfort


When you embark on a long journey, you need spacious or reclining seats to sit comfortably. You also need ample leg room to stretch when you feel stiffness in your limbs due to prolonged sitting. So, make sure you check for these factors when you hire mini bus or a larger bus.


  1. Amenities


If you are looking for pushback seats, armrests and footrests with other amenities such as air-conditioning, mobile charging points or a music system, luxury bus in Mumbai is a good option.


  1. Budget


You can consider or hire mini bus or a tempo traveller for the cheapest mode of group transportation. However, if your budget permits, exploring bus variants makes more sense. Buses are more practical and comfortable for outstation tours, especially with large group sizes.

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  1. Driver Verification


When you avail bus on rent, it is crucial to make sure that the driver has adequate experience in navigating all terrains within and outside Mumbai. You should also check for the driver’s driving license and RTO badge.


SimplyTrip is one of the most reputed agencies to hire bus. Known for its large inventory of vehicles, right from 15 seater bus on rent in Mumbai to 50 seater bus, you can choose that suits your needs the best. SimplyTrip offers three variants of buses:


Classic: The buses under this category are sourced from Tata and Ashok Leyland brands. They are fitted with basic features and have a seating capacity of 40, 45 and 49. When you have budget constraints and you want bus rent per km, the classic variant is recommended.

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Prime: The buses under this category are custom engineered by coachbuilders. They have a minimalistic colour scheme of all white and all grey on the exteriors and black or tan seats in interior upholstery.


Benz: The finest example of a luxury bus Mumbai, the Bharat Benz category defines sophistication and comfort like none other. Available in 49 seater configuration, these buses are fitted with four-wheel glide air suspension at the front and rear. This feature safeguards passengers from undulations and poor road conditions.


SimplyTrip conducts multi-point audits and quality checks to board its buses and drivers. You can rest assured that you are in safe hands. Get in touch with SimplyTrip to explore rental bus options for your outstation journey.

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