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Top frequently asked questions about online slots answered


Before playing slots online, you may have multiple questions in your head. Let us answer a few of them in this article.

Will casinos fix the slot games?

No casino will be fixing the games offered. It is a general misconception as it is a game of luck. However, there will be software for generating the outcomes on the reels known as a Random number generator. This system is responsible for your winnings and losses. Even the casino owner could not say whether you will win a game now or never. Casinos have many other ways of making money, and they will not fix the games to do that. So, you need not worry about fixing online slots.

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What is meant by RTP?

RTP is an abbreviation of Return to Player. Let us assume that a slot machine has an RTP of 80 percent. If you play for $1000 in such a slot machine continuously and calculate your net winnings, you will find that 80 percent of what you wagered is back. Likewise, you can understand the possibilities of taking the investment back as winnings if you know the RTP of a slot. It is advisable to find slots with high RTP and play for better returns.

Will a machine with recent payout pay again?

Slots will pay huge jackpots at unexpected times. As the time delay between two payouts will always be huge, many people think that they will not win in a machine that paid recently. However, you need not think like that. There are all possibilities for the slot to pay regularly also without delays. However, it is also not fixed. Everything is random here, and you should only pray for your luck of the day. The same goes true for the negative side also. If a machine did not pay for a long time, you cannot expect it to pay soon.

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What is coin size in slot games?

If you have played any casino game, you will know that the mandatory requirement is the bet amount or wagering amount. The same bet amount is needed to spin the slot machine also. However, you will not pay in cash in slots. Instead, you will buy another in-game currency with your cash. Coins are used as currencies in slots. If five coins worth $100 are needed for the particular spin, the coin size is five. Similarly, the coin size will vary with different slots. However, most casinos offer slots with small coin sizes.

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What should I check before finalizing a gambling website for slots?

You should be careful while finalizing a casino website. Because you will have nobody to meet while playing online. Everything will happen remotely. So, you will have no options to claim justice if anything goes wrong. It becomes mandatory to check a few things of reliability before choosing a site. These factors to check are listed below,

Casino license – A license from a reputed gambling authority will help you understand the credibility of the website.

Customer support – The website should have a responsive customer support team and system to hear your queries.

Withdrawal options – The website should have efficient cash withdrawal systems.

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What kind of bonuses can I expect in slot casinos?

Almost every online casino will have attractive offers for customers. You can find some of the following bonuses in them.

Joining bonus – dedicated to those who are joining the site for the first time.

Referral bonus – to those existing customers who are referring their friends to the site.

No deposit bonus – lets customers play without deposit amount.

High deposit bonus – For those who deposit in bulk and play regularly.




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