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UV can be prevented by sunscreen.


There are two types of UV rays: UV-A and UV-B. UV rays affect the skin in both beneficial ways, such as stimulating the production of vitamin D. and stimulate melanin production on the skin To protect the skin from sunlight, but UV rays are to blame as well as UV-A rays can penetrate through the skin to the dermis. Into the destruction of collagen tissue and elastic fibers. UV-B rays, when exposed for a long time, will cause the skin to swell, swell and peel off, and cause sunburn. It may develop into skin cancer.

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Using sunscreen products to apply to the skin before going out in the sun. It is one of the ways to protect the skin from UV rays. Today, there are many and various sunscreen products, so if consumers have knowledge and understanding of sunscreen products. This will allow you to choose the right sunscreen products and get the most effective protection from UV rays.


How do sunscreen products protect my skin?

Sunscreen products contain substances that act to protect against UV rays. They can be divided into two categories according to their UV protection properties:

– Radiation absorber

– radiation reflector

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type of essence

– Radiation absorber


This group of substances will absorb UV rays, making UV rays unable to penetrate through to harm the skin. After that, gradually emitting energy in the form of harmless radiation


Can block UV rays well because it can absorb all radiation.


There is a higher chance of skin allergy than the reflector group. Due to the structure of this group of substances Can penetrate through the skin and cause allergic reactions.


– radiation reflector


This group of substances is already coated on the skin. Reflects or scatters UV rays like an umbrella to the skin.

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not absorbed through the skin making it less likely to have an allergic reaction It is safer than the radiation absorbing group.


has a relatively large particle size when applied to the skin will reflect causing a white patch on the applied area looks unnatural


What types of sunscreen products are there?

Today, there are various types of sunscreen products available to meet the needs of consumers, including emulsion, gel, spray or aerosol. Each format has different advantages and disadvantages:


Product form – emulsion -eg cream, lotion

Advantages – Good dispersibility on the coating and good adhesion to the surface.

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Disadvantages – Can make users feel gooey.


Product form – gel

Advantages – It is featured in the beauty of the product, clear and attractive to use.

Disadvantages – easily washed away by water or sweat. causing the loss of sun protection efficiency


Product form – Aerosol product spray type

Pros – Easy to use on large areas of skin.

Disadvantages – Often breaks the film. Reduces the efficiency of protecting the skin from UV rays.


Sunscreen waterproof or not?

some sunscreen products Specify the special characteristics of water resistance (water resistance) can be divided into 2 levels:

  1. Water resistance product is a product that can maintain the specified SPF condition. After 40 minutes of soaking in water
  2. Very water resistant product is a product that can still maintain the specified SPF condition. After soaking in water for 80 minutes
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How should I choose sunscreen products?

Selection of sunscreen products depending on factors such as

– UV protection ability: Choose a product that has both SPF and PFA, that is, a product that can protect against both UV-B and UV-A rays. To make the skin color tan Choose products that can only protect against UV-B rays to help prevent sunburn. It does not protect against UV-A rays (products with low PFA), allowing UV-A rays to pass through the skin and stimulate melanin production. These properties can be found in sun-tanning products.


– Product form: If going to water activities The gel form should not be chosen. Or if wanting to apply to a large area such as the body, arms, legs, may consider choosing an emulsion form. Because it is a form that spreads well on the skin. It is more resistant to perspiration than the gel form. and has the ability to coat and adhere well to the surface

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– Age: Children under 6 months of age should not use sunscreen. Because it may cause irritation to the skin easily. If your child is older than 6 months, you may try a product with a coating such as titanium dioxide. Which is less likely to cause allergic reactions And most importantly, it should be an alcohol-free product.


– Activities: Choose an SPF of 15 or higher for daily activities or indoor activities. An SPF of 30 or higher is suitable for outdoor activities. and if it is an outdoor activity that involves water activities It is suitable for use with SPF 30 and above and is waterproof.

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