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What is desk booking? Discover what it is and how it works


Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, unfortunately, there has been a trend of decline. As health and safety measures took precedence, economic activities around the world slowed or stopped. A health crisis put national security at risk. Some companies have adapted to this change by allowing remote workers to work for a while. We allowed businesses such as food, medicine, utilities, communication, and healthcare to operate with a skeleton staff.

The government provided for its citizens for a short time. Citizens were kept at home, causing unprecedented damage to the economy. We must prevent the economy from collapsing further by opening businesses again. A health and safety plan was required for the gradual reopening of businesses. A desk reservation system must be included so they can implement an office desk reservation system.

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What does Desk Booking entail?

Desk booking is the practice of maximizing the use of resources and assets in the office using software. Desks, cubicles, workstations, meeting rooms, conference rooms, coworking spaces, parking spaces, collaborative spaces, and private offices make up a corporate office. A laptop, a TV screen, a conference phone, speakers, and other devices related to work are resources and assets at the same time.

Hot desk booking software is used to manage office space and facilities. Business owners and their team members have the option of booking or reserving office space using a web browser, computer, or mobile device.

Do you use the Desk Reservation System?

It is possible to use office hotel reservation system technology if you have ten or more members. Hot desk management software can be used by organizations in a variety of industries.

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The following industries can use the hot desk software solution:

  • Universities and colleges are higher education institutions
  • Sector 2 and 3: Healthcare
  • Companies that are privately held
  • Organisations that serve the public
  • Institutions in the financial sector
  • A law firm is a firm that practices law
  • Setting up a business
  • Complexes of industrial activity
  • The industries associated with contact centers

Office Desk Reservation Software: What Are the Benefits?

Desk reservation systems are needed for a variety of reasons at workplaces. The company has implemented an office desk reservation system to prevent their team members from contracting Coronavirus when they return to the office during the pandemic.

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Organize your work space with DeskFlex

DeskFlex hot desk software helps companies transition safely back to their office or campus as the first COVID-compliant hot desk software.

Scheduling of desks and rooms

  • The DeskFlex software allows you to schedule meeting rooms in advance. Double bookings are eliminated with DeskFlex room reservation software. A room’s status is displayed within the system, such as whether it has been booked today, if it will be available soon, or if it has been booked all week.
  • DeskFlex’s conference room booking software takes the hassle out of organizing conference room bookings, since teams meet regularly to review performance and set company goals.
  • Office organizations can book meeting rooms by integrating advanced information technology through Outlook integration and a web-based interface through DeskFlex’s meeting room booking system.
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