December 7

Why Flags Are Integral to the Success of Your Outdoor Marketing Campaigns

If you are a business or an event organizer considering promoting a sale or an event or want to create a buzz around your brand, there can perhaps be nothing better than flags to attract eyeballs. It is the reason why nowadays you spot colorful flags all over the place, on roadsides, sidewalks, parking lots, and close to places where there is a lot of traffic. It seems that a variety of small businesses like retailers, restaurants, gyms, auto dealers, and event organizers have all realized the benefits of using flags over other methods of outdoor advertising. Some quick insights:

Grabs Attention

Colorful and personalized advertising flags act very well to catch the attention of people walking or driving by who would have normally missed seeing a banner or a billboard. Since you can customize flags in your brand logo colors and with just about any message under the sun, the design possibilities are endless and, therefore, easier to stand out even in the presence of flags by competing businesses. Further, more people tend to notice outdoor flags because they flutter in the wind. According to scientists, the human brain can process information of a flying flag seen by the eye in about a tenth of a second. Since a rectangular or a triangle flag is made of lightweight materials, even a breeze is enough to make it flutter and attract attention. However, since the constant motion of the flags makes them difficult to read; you must keep the messaging direct, simple, and visible.

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Easy Customization 

Advertising flags are easy and cheap to buy, according to European Business Review. Because they are screen or digitally printed, you can design and print them just about any way you like. It means that you can include your business or brand logo, graphics, and even custom slogans and also keep changing them at will every time you print new ones. Further, you are not restricted to any one shape and size because you can design and order flags in a large variety of shapes and sizes. In addition to the standard rectangular flags, you can buy triangle flags or even feather-shaped flags for high noticeability.

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Facilitates Wayfinding

While most people know the value of flags for promoting brands, they are great for providing directions to potential customers. It can take a lot of money to create wayfinding signs if you use the standard outdoor signs for your store or event. However, when you use flags using portable mounts, you can keep shifting them as you please to cater to unexpected and sudden changes of location. It can be very handy when you are taking part in an outdoor or an indoor exhibition or trade fair, or even in a business park.


Using promotional flags can be a smart move for small businesses. They can be customized to your needs, are highly portable and noticeable, and are quite inexpensive to design and buy. Depending on your requirement, you can order them in various materials and colors, as well as mounting arrangements.

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