April 12

4 SEO Tricks You Should Try


SEO or search engine optimization is a cost-effective marketing tactic. Your goal with this marketing strategy is to get your website to the first page of the Google search results page. It’s important to note that Google updates its algorithm regularly. However, a few strategies have stood the test of time. Read on to see how you can improve your ranking on Google.

Getting the Right Domain Name

One thing you’ll have to do is choose the right domain name. Search engines may consider your domain names when trying to figure out what your website is all about. For example, a company selling used cars in London could use a domain name containing the keywords ‘London’ or ‘cars’. You can use services like IONOS to find a suitable domain name. Something to keep in mind is that you shouldn’t change your domain name frequently. Doing so can confuse search engines, leading to poorer SEO performance. Another thing you should do is keep the domain name short and memorable. This way, your potential customers will be able to find your site easily.

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Use Attention-Grabbing Titles

A successful SEO strategy requires you to use attention-grabbing headlines. The title will determine whether readers will visit your website and how much time they spend reading your content. This eventually affects your bounce rate, which is one of the most crucial factors Google considers when ranking websites. In addition to making the title striking, you’ll need to use long-tail keywords to help Google determine the nature of your articles.

Refresh Outdated Content

This is one of the cheapest and simplest SEO strategies. Google rewards fresh content, so it’s important to keep updating old articles on your site. When rewriting these pieces, make sure you include the latest keywords. So, how do you determine whether an article should be rewritten? First, you should check whether the content is more than 6 months old. If it’s still new, there’s no point in refreshing it. You should also focus on articles that rank poorly for their primary keywords. An article ranking in the top 5 for its primary keyword doesn’t need to be refreshed.

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Maintain a Fast and Mobile-Friendly Website

It’s common knowledge that most people visit websites using their mobile devices. That’s why Google rewards websites that take a mobile-first approach. To help your site rank highly on search engines, you need to make sure it fits well on small screens. You’ll also have to choose a mobile-responsive theme or template. Keep in mind that you can always switch from a non-responsive theme to a more mobile-friendly one at any time. To make your content easier to scan on mobile devices, you’ll have to avoid large chunks of text.


Ranking highly on Google should be a priority for website owners, especially those running online businesses. To boost your SEO ranking, you should start by choosing a domain name that suits your company. You also need to use attention-grabbing headlines, refresh outdated content, and maintain a mobile-friendly website.

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