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Six Must-See Signs To Be Vowed Of In Rome, Italy


Rome is a unique city brimming with history and packed with beautiful hidden gems. Founded in 753 BC by Romulus, the Eternal City became a republic in 510 BC. This Amphitheatre is almost eternal and symbolizes the greatness of Rome and the beauty of this city. One interesting fact for gambling enthusiasts who enjoy gambling at National Casino: The Colosseum was the big center of gambling. Take a wander around this iconic monument much the same as ancient gladiators did.


Subsequently, the city became the capital of the majestic and powerful Roman Empire. And during this time, so many events happened on the territory that it is quite difficult to believe that Rome is still present on the world map. Therefore, there are tons of places to visit in the Eternal City. In this travel guide, we have tried to highlight the most iconic attractions to visit in Rome.

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Since this Roman Amphitheater is an internationally recognized symbol of Rome, it deserves the number 1. place on our itinerary. The Colosseum is a unique and truly majestic historical monument built in 80 A.D. Just imagine how much effort was invested in the construction of a unique stadium, which was popular at the time for gladiatorial battles and other events. By the way, the Colosseum was built in such a way that about 50 thousand spectators could leave it at the same time.


Roman Forum

This was once Rome’s most important marketplace and a place where anyone could buy anything they wanted. Roman Forum, or Forum Romanum was the center of social and political life, by the way, it was due to the name of this place and began to use the word “forum”, implying communication and interaction of people.

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At one time around the Roman Forum were located pagan sanctuaries (Temple of Vesta, Temple of Saturn), then Christians began to build their temples here. The area was then forgotten until the last century. Excavations helped to resurrect this unique place, which today is interesting to any tourist. And let only ruins remain from the former forum, but even they make you think about the beating heart of the Roman Empire.


One of the greatest Roman signs, Pantheon was built as a pagan temple at the beginning of the second century. Later it was converted to a Catholic church, Santa Maria and Martyres. The building has been preserved practically as it was built. The building looks very harmonious and majestic. Architects have tried and designed the Pantheon in such a way that the proportions are accurate and correct, but there is only one window, and it is located almost under the dome. The thing is that, firstly, one hole meant the unity of all Roman deities, and secondly, the Romans simply did not want to cut other windows in the thick walls. Inside you can see works of art of the XVIII century. Unfortunately, the statues of the deities that were originally located here have not survived, but the Pantheon didn’t lose its beauty.

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Villa Borghese

Do you want to enjoy the beauty and majesty of Roman nature? Then visit Villa Borghese, the former residence of Cardinal Scipione Borghese. Here you can see not only picturesque places created by nature itself and arranged by human hands, but visit the Borghese Gallery with paintings of  Bernini, Rubens, Canova, Raphael, and Caravaggio. Some sculptures are so beautiful that they simply stir the mind.

Sistine Chapel

The building outwardly looks unassuming, although it was erected in the XV century at the request of the Roman Pope Sixtus IV. But if you get inside the Chapel, you will lose the gift of speech from the beauty that surrounds you. Particularly pleasing to the eye are the wall paintings, which were painted by famous Roman masters such as Michelangelo and Sandro Botticelli. Michelangelo created a unique and legendary fresco “The Last Judgment” commissioned by Pope Paul III, which to this day attracts the attention of tourists from all over the world.

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Trevi Fountain

This is not a simple fountain, but an architectural composition, rising 26 meters above the ground and having a width of 20 meters. Trevi Fountain is an incredibly beautiful mountain! You will not pass by it, as the gurgling water will be heard from afar, so after a walk through the narrow streets of the historical center of Rome you will find yourself here. It is one of the most beautiful, largest, and most pompous fountains in the world. It was created almost 250 years ago according to the designs of the famous theater sculptor Bernini.


Looking for more gems to discover in the Eternal City? Then add these signs to your bucket list: St Peter’s Basilica. Rome’s Catacombs, The Musei Capitolini, Palazzo Altemps, Trastevere, The Mouth Of Truth, Trajan’s Column, The Piazza di Spagna and Spanish Steps, The Church of Santa Maria del Popolo, and the food market Campo Dei Fiori.

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