February 27

Understanding That You Are Happy: The Main Signs to Consider


Most people live their whole lives waiting for happiness, falsely believing that happiness will knock on their doors one day or fall on their heads like snow. The main thing is to wait patiently and hope for fortune. So what is happiness, and how do you realize that you are happy? Real happiness isn’t in the fact that today you drive a Mercedes with a personal driver and hit jackpots at BetLabel, but in the path, you have traveled to this result.

What Happiness Is

Happiness is a choice, not a fortune, and not a lucky arrangement of the stars, not a consequence of pure karma. Anyone can decide to be happy at any point in time. Even if you are depressed right now and think there is no end to the problems.

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The good news is that happiness doesn’t depend on the number of problems or difficulties: being overweight, lacking personal relationships, not getting a college degree, and so on. Then what does happiness depend on, and how do you know if you are happy?

How to Know if You Are Happy

How to realize that you are happy? Get your own happiness back! If you have always dreamed of a small wooden house in the village, don’t think that a three-room apartment in the center of New York City will make you happier. A truly happy person is the one who is wise enough to follow his own path.

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Happiness is not in material things. Of course, part of happiness is provided by physical comfort. Good living conditions, warmth, and coziness give pleasant feelings, and these are the real signs of happiness. When you have a safe home, you don’t have to constantly think about what to feed your children, what to dress them in, you realize that happiness isn’t in money.


However, when your income starts to grow and all your basic needs are covered, you’ll notice that happiness doesn’t add up at the same rate. And if your income triples in a year, it doesn’t mean that happiness will automatically rise behind it. You can see this in wealthy people who have started doing charity work, and in it they find a new source of happiness.

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You yourself realize that when you buy yourself a box of chocolates, you will be happy for an hour. And if you give the same box to someone in need, this act will warm your heart for many more days. Happiness in your life depends on meeting basic needs and providing yourself with basic comfort. Over time, you will begin to realize that happiness manifests itself through different sources. For example, through serving people or for the good of this world.


Don’t discount the importance of financial, educational, and personal achievements that signal your growth. You have grown, become smarter, wiser, learned to communicate, and feel comfortable at the new level.

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It’s not uncommon for people to strive for a goal and forget to enjoy the very process of moving toward the dream. The process when a person knows how to stop and ask himself, “What else do I want to bring into my life, besides striving to get to the goal faster?”? “What else do I like?”


Life is made up of different components, and you shouldn’t forget your body’s needs for rest, sports, your family’s needs for your attention, joint creativity, and feelings. All of these should be harmoniously present in your life.


Of course, something comes first from time to time, but to discount some aspect of life is fraught with the feeling that you have missed out on the important things in life. Mismanaged or ruined.

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To become happy, shed the responsibility that doesn’t belong to you. We feel responsible for someone else’s emotional state, afraid of upsetting and annoying someone. We feel an obligation to pull that person out of the sad mire. We make it almost a task, and if we fail to fulfill it, we won’t feel happy.


Happiness comes easier if you take a simpler view of yourself. Not to be confused with neglect. It means freeing yourself from the reactions of your inflated persona. The less recognition, love, and support you received as a child, the more painfully you react to criticism today.

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