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How to Enjoy Life: 5 Ways to Stop Chasing Happiness


People chase happiness and don’t realize that it is right there in their hands. It happens differently for everyone. Someone expects too much from life, and it does not justify his hopes. And others just can not feel truly happy. After all, we’re all different, so it’s no surprise.So, to find the ability to enjoy life even in the smallest things, like winning at the Vave Casino or spending a few hours with your friends, you have to go from the point of “trauma and pain” back to the “starting point.”



When you feel bad and everything is going wrong, the least “inspiring” phrases are phrases like: “Oh, you just relax” or “Enjoy life and don’t think about anything.” At such times, the only thing a person can think about is surviving the endless cycle of problems. He just has to get through it all, and there is no more thinking about how to make himself “happy.”

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The fact is that when you worry and struggle with difficulties while trying to indoctrinate yourself into happiness, you are only making things worse. Because what you really want to do is cross out and throw away everything bad, pretend it doesn’t exist. And it doesn’t work that way. As a result, it only gets worse. The irony of life is that the people who are having this most difficult emotional struggle aren’t going to sit out the troubles, they are actually trying to enjoy life even more than the rest of us.


Here are 5 ways you can learn to enjoy life here and now.

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Stop Trying to Be Happy

Happiness isn’t something you can catch at all. So, chasing after it is pointless and futile. It’s something that you simply have to let happen. This statement is likely to perplex most people, especially those who are into various teachings on positive thinking and motivation. But happiness really can’t be caught with a net like a butterfly on a beautiful summer day.


Happiness is a natural state. This means that you only acquire it when you don’t resist it. That is, you allow all feelings and experiences to pass through you. The less you resist adversity, the happier you become. It’s important to open up to absolutely everything because we don’t know which block is keeping us from feeling happy.

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Live in the Present Moment

They say that if you are restless in your soul, then you live in the future, and if you are depressed — in the past. Because if you live here and now, that is the present moment, you realize that the past and the future are just your temporary illusions in the infinite and eternal “now.” In fact, they are just ways to hide from the present and nothing more.


The only place in Time where we can find happiness is the present. For one simple reason, it’s the only one that really exists. Trying to find happiness by focusing on what might happen in the future or could have happened in the past is distancing yourself from the present moment.

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Learn to be present in the present by focusing on what is happening in the moment. By doing so, you will be able to make the most of what you have.


To find happiness, one must first find a reasonable balance between the present and concern for the future. There is simply no other way.

Don’t Always Seek to Dominate

In his book on Hügge, the Danish art of peace, warmth, coziness, and friendliness, Mike Viking explains that socializing with others is not just about spending time with them, but trying not to dominate or try to impress. You will feel much happier without trying to prove anything to anyone. Just enjoy the conversation and the company!

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To find happiness, you must realize that all people are equal. You can learn something from each of them, learn something new for yourself. If you treat others this way, the fear that you are “worse than someone else” will disappear and at the same time the need to convince someone of something.

Notice the Small Joys and Enjoy Them

When we think of trying to enjoy life, we only think of things that are unbelievable and overwhelming. We mistakenly think that being happy is something like vacationing on a beautiful island or winning the lottery. Learn to thank fate for every such moment, to appreciate and enjoy these priceless gifts we receive every day.

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Many people contemplate happiness. But they think that everything in their lives has to be just perfect for them to experience true joy. In fact, this is not the case. Real joy is finding happiness where you are today and as you are.

Develop Good Relationships

Whether you are an introvert or an extrovert, quality of life depends on relationships. Numerous studies support these claims: we become more like the people we spend a lot of time with; our happiness isn’t directly related to the number of relationships we have, but to the quality of each one; loneliness is as much of a health risk as smoking.

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Most people assume that they just need to make more friends in any way or manner they can. And get close to them immediately. But they miss the point: friendship for friendship’s sake will not bring happiness. You have to develop relationships with people you really like.


Only when you have a person really close to you in spirit and beliefs, who values relationships, can you talk about joy and happiness.


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