January 25

Why Granite Is Great for Your Kitchen Countertops


Amid claims that granite is no longer king when it comes to countertops, you need to explore the good side of this material that will make you pick it even 10 years from now. To begin with, we are past the era when granite was only available to wealthy homeowners, which means that a majority of homebuyers can now access the benefits of installing granite countertops.

If you’re planning a kitchen remodeling project or something similar, here’s why you should get all-granite counters for your kitchen:


1. Granite Is Durable

Granite is one of the toughest rocks out there, second only to diamond when it comes to hardness levels of natural materials. That’s why, when properly installed, it may be the only countertop you’ll ever need for your house. Experts from The Granite Shop makes it easy to find granite countertops near you if living in Northern Indiana or Southern Michigan and their environs.

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A proper installation means lesser maintenance down the road and resistance to chipping, cracking, or scratching. Since granite is also hard enough to resist heat damage, you should expect even fewer repairs or replacements.


2. It’s Easy to Maintain

The top secret to hacking your granite countertop installation is working with seasoned installers. During installation, granite countertops must be properly sealed for protection against stains and bacteria, or anything else that will ruin the appearance or performance of your countertop.

Even though you can seal the countertops yourself, experts have better skills and the right materials to complete the job perfectly. After that, you’ll only need soap and water or a cleaner designed for your granite to clear spills whenever they happen.

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3. Granite Countertops Are a Long-Term Investment

If you’re looking for countertops that will outlast most of the fittings and fixtures in your kitchen, granite will do it for you. While you’re enjoying the service your countertops have been offering for 30+ years, your neighbor who opted for laminate counters will have replaced theirs a couple of times.

Granite countertops will outlast wood, quartz, and even soapstone. Everything considered, they are a great solution for homeowners looking to make their kitchen as cost-effective as possible.


4. It Boosts Your Home Value

You may not think about it at first, but the countertops you choose will affect your home’s resale value by a lot since kitchens are a common focus point for homebuyers. What’s more, you can use this material in other areas of your home like the bathroom. Not only does granite increase the aesthetic value of your home, but it also enhances the actual, monetary value.

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In some cases, the return on investment will go as high as 100%, which means you get to recover the amount you spent on the countertops. For a majority of potential homebuyers, granite makes a huge difference when it comes to decision-making.


5. Granite Is Beautiful

This is probably the top reason you’re attracted to granite for your home. It can upgrade any kitchen’s appearance, especially if you choose the right color and pattern.

And as if that’s not enough, granite is carried out of the ground as whole slabs. Since it’s a natural stone, every surface is different, and that makes your countertops have a unique appeal to them.

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To Sum Everything Up,

Granite counters are a great addition to your kitchen or bathroom, and while they are often expensive to install, they are worth the investment. As long as you engage the right professionals, you can be sure they’ll install your counters properly.

With well-installed and sealed countertops, you are looking at decades of beauty and performance, at the least.



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