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The Most Iconic Board Games for PCs and Smartphones


Playing tabletop games with friends is not always possible: everyone is always busy, lives in different parts of town, and you do not want to buy a game for one night. But there are other options, like TonyBet slots or board games. Here are the top board games you can play on your PC or smartphone. Open Discord, turn the game on, and chat with friends in the comfort of your own home.


This card game is won by the one who can remember numbers well, think ahead, bluff, and follow the process closely. A small part of your success depends on luck – how good the cards are.

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In the online version of UNO the rules are the same as in the classic version. The goal is to be the first to discard all the cards. Each player must place a card on top of the already lying card. But only one that has the same color, number or picture as the open card will do. If there is no match, the player takes a new card and skips his turn. Some cards make the player skip his turn, allow him to take two cards, or change color.


The main feature of the original board game, the “UNO!” shout when you have one card left, is retained. Only you won’t yell, you’ll press the button – forgetfulness penalties also remain.

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The electronic version of UNO has drawbacks: you can’t make up your own super cards, you can’t put a six instead of a nine and hope no one notices, and the maximum number of players is four.


You can play online chess with a friend, even if he is in the next doorway or lives in another city. This format is convenient because you do not have to place pawns every time, they will not accidentally fall off the board and you don’t need to memorize combinations to make a break. At the same time, you can set the time of the game and not knock on the clock every move, as offline.

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Also, electronic chess is easier to learn – the game highlights the possible moves of each piece, so you can quickly memorize the rules.


Thanks to the different modes of online chess, it’s more interesting to play than in conventional chess. When bored with competing in the usual 16 to 16, you can run “Royal race” – the winner is the one who first brings the king to the finish line. You can also run the atomic mode with exploding pieces, “King of the Mountain”, “Three Checks” and others.


The electronic version of Imaginarium works on the same principle as the tabletop version. All players are given cards with different pictures, each of them in turn becomes a leader and puzzles an association associated with one of their cards.

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The other players must choose a card from their deck that fits the mystery association; they see it at the top of the screen. Then all the cards are shuffled and placed on the table – the players must guess the presenter’s card.


If all players guess the presenter’s card or, conversely, no one thinks of it, the presenter gets zero points. If the vote isn’t on the presenter’s card, the owner of the card gets a point, and the presenter gets one point for each person who guessed his card. Points are needed to move around the game board, the fastest one to the finish line wins.

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As in the card game, there is a mafia, regular townspeople, a commissioner, a doctor, a maniac and even a cat. At night the town falls asleep, the mobsters choose a victim and click to kill him. In the morning, the city wakes up and begins to discuss and vote. The number of votes against each player appears next to him – everything is transparent and fair.


The commissioner must catch the mafia, the mafia tries to shoot the commissioner and civilians, the doctor can treat the wounded citizens, the maniac is dangerous to all players. At the beginning of the game, no one knows for sure who is who.

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This is a game of logic, observation, the ability to deceive and argue your point of view. Even if a person is not a great orator and liar, he will be able to win, because you can just keep your mouth shut and not draw attention to yourself.


The game has additional items that can save the player in case of failure, they greatly diversify the game.


In life, they use gestures instead of buttons, and the game is controlled by a live presenter. When playing online, you don’t hear the rustling of other players deciding who dies or who gets put away by the commissioner.

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